Cloudscape #64: August 2016

Mix for August, feat. Lycia, Troum & raison d’être, Dark Day, The Cure, Martyn Bates Sixth Comm, Les Dis­crets, Pure Ground, Witxes, Tan­gent, AUN, The Body, Shape of Des­pair, Sanne de Neige, and Ame­s­oeurs.

Cloudscape #55: August 2015 (Dawn)

Second August mix, fea­tur­ing music by Nacht­laub, Andrew Weath­ers Ensemble , Richard Moult, Gurun Gurun , Oikos & High Aur­a’d, Olan Mill, Glover/Perreault, Memory Draw­ings ‚Chi­hei Hatakeyama and Good Weather For An Air­strike, Obsequiae, Aun, and James Black­shaw.

Review: AUN - Alpha Heaven (2013)

It’s been a few years since I got to know Cana­dian duo AUN (Julie Leb­lanc, Mar­tin Dumais) from their album Black Pyr­amid on Cyc­lic Law. Com­pared to that album, Alpha Heaven feels a bit less dense, with less focus on heavy drones, and more on open spaces, although both are still present. The main chunk of this album is extremely pleas­ant and mostly calm. More so than pre­vi­ous works, Alpha Heaven seems to have some­thing of an outer space set­ting for me, which is of course stim­u­lated by some of the titles, which sug­gest celes­tial bod­ies and explor­a­tion.