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Type Travels: The Sword of Welleran

Recently, I’ve become more and more inter­ested in book design and type­set­ting, and I decided that I wanted to become bet­ter at it, and offer it as a ser­vice to other people. In the grow­ing world of e-books and digital read­ing, there is some­thing of a dearth of good design, and the aes­thet­ics that I admire in prin­ted books have for the most part not found their way into the digital realm. There’s an oppor­tun­ity here for design­ers to pro­mote the cre­ation of digital books that look good on tab­lets and mon­it­ors, and I hope to con­trib­ute a little to that.

As an exer­cise, I’ve star­ted play­ing around with some pub­lic domain fantasy lit­er­at­ure that I wanted to read any­way, such as the (early) works of Lord Dun­sany. In that spirit, I’ve recently com­pleted a PDF set­ting of The Sword of Welleran And Other Stor­ies, ori­gin­ally pub­lished in 1908. I’ve tried to make it a sharp, eas­ily read­able digital book, inspired by the ori­ginal designs of the 1908 book, and the design of The Gods of Pegāna, another one of Dun­sany’s books from the era.

You can view the ori­ginal ver­sion of the book on the Inter­net Archive, and down­load it if you’re in the US.

In the gal­lery below, you can see a few pic­tures of how my own design turned out:

Sadly enough, the work is only in the pub­lic domain in the US, so if you’d like a copy of my new ver­sion of the book, you’ll have to con­tact me through the astral plane.