2012: A Year in Books

What did I read in 2012? I’ve found look­ing back at my last year in books helps me chart some themes and devel­op­ments in my (men­tal life), so I’ve decided to do it again this year. I read 92 books in 2012, a little fewer than in 2011, but they were big­ger books, and my page total ended up higher. This doesn’t count all the art­icles I’ve read, but we’ve got to draw the read­ing ner­d­age line some­where. It’s all slightly arbit­rary any­way. […Read more…]

You can’t trust *them*: governments and secret societies as malignant forces

The gov­ern­ment that is a threat to its sub­jects, or even openly hos­tile to them, is one of the more deplor­able recur­ring facts of his­tory, and one that has been an import­ant topic for a great many thinkers in the past. Also in coun­tries that have enjoyed a rel­at­ively high degree of peace and safety […Read more…]