2012: A Year in Books

What did I read in 2012? I’ve found looking back at my last year in books helps me chart some themes and developments in my (mental life), so I’ve decided to do it again this year. I read 92 books in 2012, a little fewer than in 2011, but they were bigger books, and my page total ended up higher. This doesn’t count all the articles I’ve read, but we’ve got to draw the reading nerdage line somewhere. It’s all slightly arbitrary anyway. […Read more…]

You can’t trust *them*: governments and secret societies as malignant forces

The government that is a threat to its subjects, or even openly hostile to them, is one of the more deplorable recurring facts of history, and one that has been an important topic for a great many thinkers in the past. Also in countries that have enjoyed a relatively high degree of peace and safety […Read more…]