Cryptological Escapades in Frisia

This week, a call went out from the pro­vin­cial lib­rary of Fryslân, Tresoar, announ­cing the start of a ‘cold case’ pro­gram. Selected pieces from the archives are to be shared with the public, to see if they can shed more light on some unsolved mys­teries. The first one is a manus­cript from the 17th cen­tury, and it’s a corker! The manus­cript is thought to be a letter, as it is only a single page and appears to be signed in some way, so I will refer to it as the Sminia Letter, for that’s the Frisian family out of whose archives the piece comes. The letter is written in a hitherto unknown script, and as such the lan­guage of the letter is unknown as well. […Read more…]