Type Travels: The Sword of Welleran

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Recently, I’ve become more and more inte­res­ted in book design and type­setting, and I deci­ded that I wanted to become bet­ter at it, and offer it as a ser­vice to other people. In the grow­ing world of e-books and digi­tal read­ing, there is some­thing of a dearth of good design, and the aes­the­tics that I admire in prin­ted books have for the most part not found their way into the digi­tal realm. As an exer­cise, I’ve star­ted play­ing around with some pub­lic domain fantasy lite­ra­ture that I wanted to read any­way, such as the (early) works of Lord Dun­sany. In that spirit, I’ve recent­ly com­pleted a PDF set­ting of The Sword of Welle­ran And Other Stor­ies, origi­nally pu­blished in 1908.