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Since early last year, The Onto­lo­gical Geek has been my main out­let for writ­ing about games. The site is the brainchild of Bill Coberly, who stepped down as Editor in Chief this week because he’s going to law school. Con­grat­u­la­tions, Bill! You can read his good­bye post here. Our new helms­wo­man is Han­nah Duvoix, who has been a con­trib­utor to the site for a long time as well. She wrote some words of intro­duc­tion as well.

The site might be chan­ging a little bit, with a broad­en­ing of scope bey­ond video­games, and more atten­tion for card, board, and tab­letop games, includ­ing RPGs, as well as movies and other poten­tially geeky stuff, whatever that means in 2014. I’ll be writ­ing a series of art­icles on the Dun­geons & Dragons cam­paign set­ting Plan­es­cape, a topic I’ve been want­ing to tackle for a few years now. It’ll be slightly nos­tal­gic, a con­ver­sa­tion with my teen­age self, and a reflec­tion on the rep­res­ent­a­tion of a mul­ti­tude of worlds and philo­sophies in a game.

My col­league Tom Dawn­son is start­ing a column on Magic: the Gath­er­ing, the ubi­quit­ous col­lect­ible card game, which I played for (I think) about five years dur­ing my early teens. To intro­duce the topic, Tom asked sev­eral of us to share some stor­ies about the game, and you can read the answers here.

So, please join us and fol­low The Onto­lo­gical Geek on twit­ter, write a guest art­icle for us, or just be a reader. And stay tuned for more on my Plan­es­cape series.