Ontological Geek Podcast Ep. 1

Risk of Rain

With my fellow writer at The Ontological Geek, Aaron Gotzon, I’ve been working on setting up a regular podcast dedicated to games, with a particular focus on music and drama in games. Our first episode went up last month, and we’re aiming to make the podcast a regular feature.

The first episode focuses on the music of composer Chris Christodoulou, specifically his soundtrack for the game Risk of Rain. We also discuss the musical trope generally known as the ‘one woman wail’ and deliberate a bit about where it came from and how it works.

Our main discussion focussed on developments in the packaging, pricing, and distribution of games, and player expectations and entitlement. We discuss the controversy around Flappy Bird, and delve a bit into investment of time versus investment of money in the case of competitive games.

Finally, we talk a little bit about games we’ve played recently, such as Awesomenauts and Hearthstone.

Please do check out our first episode. The second one is coming up soon, and will be dedicated to the topic of asylums and mental illness, and how these are represented in games.

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