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(2015) Modelling Analogical Change. A History of Swedish and Frisian Verb Inflection. PhD Thesis, University of Groningen.

Journal Articles

(2014) “Relative productivity potentials in Dutch verbal inflection patterns” [$]. Folia Linguistica Historica 35:1. 173–200.

(2014) “Explaining tense marking changes in Swedish verbs. An application of two analogical computer models” [$]. Journal of Historical Linguistics 4:2. 192–231.

Book Chapters

(2016) Norde, Muriel & Oscar Strik. “Analogy, multiple sources and constructional networks: The Dutch Klukkluk Construction”. In Anne Bannink & Wim Honselaar (eds). From variation to Iconicity: Festschrift for Olga Fischer. Amsterdam: Pegasus. 295–310.

(2014) “Stability and Change in Strong Verb Inflection between Old and Early Modern Frisian”. Bremmer Jr, Rolf H. & Stephen Laker & Oebele Vries (eds.). Directions in Old Frisian Philology. Amsterdam /  New York: Rodopi. 449–496.

(2012) “Analogical Patterns in the Oslo Norwegian Verb System”. Van der Liet, Henk & Muriel Norde (eds.). Language for its own sake. Essays on Language and Literature offered to Harry Perridon. Amsterdam: Scandinavisch Instituut Universiteit van Amsterdam. 33–58.

Book Reviews

(forthcoming) “Jessica Nowak. 2015. Zur Legitimation einer 8. Ablautreihe”. Zeitschrift für Rezensionen zur germanistischen Sprachwissenschaft.


(2016-apr-07) “Germanic Strong and Weak Verbs: A Brief History”. Junius Symposium, Leiden.

(2015-sep-03) “Playful analogy and verbal ablaut” [with Remco Knooihuizen]. SLE 2015, Leiden.

(2015-jul-30) “The role of frequency in analogical change” [with Arjen Versloot]. Freqeuncy metrics in psycho- and sociolinguistics, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg.

(2014-dec-10) “The Evolution of Frisian Verb Inflection”. Frysk Filologekongres, Fryske Akademy, Leeuwarden.

(2014-nov-13) “sprutsen & skreaun. A history of Frisian strong and irregular verbs”. Sûkerbôlelêzing, University of Groningen.

(2014-jun-12) “O: The history of a Dutch past tense marker”. TABU-Dag, University of Groningen.

(2013-dec-13) “Potentiële productiviteit van sterke en zwakke werkwoorden: Fries en Nederlands in vergelijkend perspectief”. Morphology Days, Fryske Akademy, Leeuwarden.

(2013-sep-12) “Effects of Language Contact on Frisian Verb Morphology and Syntax”. Multilingual Fryslân, University College Fryslân, Leeuwarden.

(2013-aug-09) “The Evolution of Verbal Inflection in the Scandinavian Languages”. International Conference on Historical Linguistics, University of Oslo.

(2013-aug-05) “Analogy and Frequency as Determinants of Variation and Change in the Verb Systems of Germanic Languages”. International Conference on Historical Linguistics, Workshop “Reorganizing Grammatical Variation”, University of Oslo.

(2013-jun-13) “Analogy vs. Rules in Dutch Verbs” [with Remco Knooihuizen]. TABU-Dag, University of Groningen.

(2013-feb-09) “Analogische veranderingen in de verledentijdsvormen van de Germaanse talen”. TiN-dag, Utrecht University.

(2012-jun-18) “Different Directions: Modelling Changes in Verbal Tense Marking Classes in Germanic Languages”. TABU Dag, University of Groningen.

(2012-jun-13) “Variational Patterns in the Tense Formation of Old and Middle Frisian Verbs”. Frysk Filologekongres, Fryske Akademy, Leeuwarden.

(2012-jan-30) “Analogical and sociolinguistic modelling approaches to tense marking changes in Swedish and Frisian”. University of Groningen.

(2012-jan-14) “Analogical modelling of tense marking changes in Swedish and Frisian”. Conference on Morphological Complexity, British Academy, London.

(2011-dec-22) “Modelling Analogical Changes in the Tense Marking of Old and (Early) Modern Swedish Verbs”. Morphology Days, Radboud University Nijmegen.

(2011-nov-4) “Analogische patronen in het Oudzweedse werkwoordsysteem”. Farewell symposium for Anette Ölander, University of Amsterdam.


(2014-mar-28) “Verbal Inflection Patterns in Frisian and Dutch” [with Remco Knooihuizen & Gerbrich de Jong]. Sociolinguistics Circle, University of Groningen.

(2013-jul-19) “Productivity of Dutch verbal inflection patterns” [with Remco Knooihuizen]. Language Diversity Congress, University of Groningen.


Book Reviews

(2014-nov-19) “Nordic Larp”. First Person Scholar.

Selected Magazine Articles

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(2015-jul-29) “Card Games: The Digital Resurgence And The Future”. The Ontological Geek.

(2015-july) “Natural Designs”. Five out of Ten 14.

(2015-july) “Beyond Baldur’s Gate”. Five out of Ten 14.

(2015-jun-28) “Walking the Planes 4: Philosophers with Clubs”. The Ontological Geek.

(2015-jun-02) “What It’s Like To Play Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer”. The Ontological Geek.

(2015-mar-24) “Preludes to Kentucky Route Zero”. Unwinnable Weekly 37.

(2015-feb-26) “Walking the Planes 3: Pluralities”. The Ontological Geek.

(2014-nov-06) “Walking the Planes 2: A History of the Planes in Dungeons & Dragons”. The Ontological Geek.

(2014-sep-01) “Walking the Planes 1: Introduction”. The Ontological Geek.

(2014-aug-15) “When My Ship Comes In”. The Ontological Geek.

(2014-may-09) “An Ode to Objects”. The Ontological Geek.

(2014-jan-21) “A Guest Beyond the Final Frontier”. The Ontological Geek.

(2013-oct-17) “The Possibilities of Horror in Games”. The Ontological Geek.

(2013-aug-29) “Time for a Story”. The Ontological Geek.

(2013-july) “Isolation”. Five out of Ten 4.

(2013-july) “Go Tell the World”. Five out of Ten 4.

(2013-may-01) “Sanctifying Games”. The Ontological Geek.

(2013-jan-25) “Kentucky Route Zero: Act One”. Gaming Daily.

(2013-jan-19) “Communication Impossibilities”. Nightmare Mode.

(2012-dec-21) “What It’s Like to Play Planescape: Torment”. CultureRamp.

(2012-dec-11) “Walking The Path”. Gaming Daily.

(2012-nov-23) “Noctis: De Eenzaamheid van de Nacht”.


See Evening of Light.


Journal Articles

(2015) “Scenarios and the art of worldmaking” [with Joost M. Vervoort, Roy Bendor, Aisling Kelliher & Ariella E.M. Helfgott] [$]. Futures 74. 62–70.

Magazine Articles

(2013-feb-20) “Living Through Our Errors”. CultureRamp.


(2006-jun-2) “Luftslottet og forjettelsens tinde. Følelse og bevegelse i [Henrik Ibsen’s] Bygmester Solness og Når vi døde vågner”. Scandinavian Studies Days, University of Amsterdam.


(2014-jun-15) “Dode talen leven weer in Vogala”. In: Madoc 28:1. 60–61. [Review of the Android/iOS app Vogala, which presents audio recordings of Middle Dutch and Old Frisian texts]

Magazine Issues

(2009) Broodjes aap & drakendoders. Over vertelcultuur. In: Het Alledaagse leven. Tradities & trends in Nederland 19. Zwolle: Waanders. [On Dutch storytelling culture]

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