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(2015) Mod­el­ling Ana­lo­gical Change. A His­tory of Swedish and Frisian Verb Inflec­tion. PhD Thesis, Uni­ver­sity of Groningen.

Journal Art­icles

(2019) “Early Mod­ern Mul­ti­lo­quent Authors (EMMA): Design­ing a large-scale cor­pus of indi­vidu­als’ lan­guages” [with Peter Petré, Lynn Anthon­is­sen, Sara Budts, Enrique Man­ja­va­cas, Emma-Louise Silva, and Wil­liam Stand­ing]. ICAME Journal 43. 83–122.

(2018) “Frisian strong and weak verbs in the face of Dutch influ­ence: a syn­chronic and exper­i­mental approach” [with Remco Knooi­huizen and Ger­brich de Jong]. Journal of Com­par­at­ive Ger­manic Lin­guist­ics 21:1. 57–74.

(2014) “Rel­at­ive pro­ductiv­ity poten­tials in Dutch verbal inflec­tion pat­terns” [$]. Folia Lin­guist­ica His­tor­ica 35:1.173–200.

(2014) “Explain­ing tense mark­ing changes in Swedish verbs. An applic­a­tion of two ana­lo­gical com­puter mod­els” [$]. Journal of His­tor­ical Lin­guist­ics 4:2. 192–231.

Book Chapters

(2017) “On blen­ded selfies and tain­ted smooth­ies” [with Mur­iel Norde and Karin Beijer­ing]. In: Mar­tijn Wiel­ing, Mar­tin Kroon, Gosse Bouma, and Ger­tjan van Noord (eds.). From semantics to dia­lec­to­metry. Fest­s­chrift in honor of John Ner­bonne. Col­lege Pub­lic­a­tions. 335–344.

(2016) Norde, Mur­iel & Oscar Strik. “Ana­logy, mul­tiple sources and con­struc­tional net­works: The Dutch Klukkluk Con­struc­tion”. In Anne Ban­nink & Wim Hon­se­laar (eds). From vari­ation to Icon­icity: Fest­s­chrift for Olga Fisc­her. Ams­ter­dam: Pegasus. 295–310.

(2014) “Sta­bil­ity and Change in Strong Verb Inflec­tion between Old and Early Mod­ern Frisian”. Brem­mer Jr, Rolf H. & Stephen Laker & Oebele Vries (eds.). Dir­ec­tions in Old Frisian Philo­logy. Ams­ter­dam /  New York: Rodopi. 449–496.

(2012) “Ana­lo­gical Pat­terns in the Oslo Nor­we­gian Verb Sys­tem”. Van der Liet, Henk & Mur­iel Norde (eds.). Lan­guage for its own sake. Essays on Lan­guage and Lit­er­at­ure offered to Harry Per­ridon. Ams­ter­dam: Scand­inav­isch Instituut Uni­versiteit van Ams­ter­dam. 33–58.

Book Reviews

(2016) “Jes­sica Nowak. 2015. Zur Legit­im­a­tion einer 8. Ablautreihe”. Zeits­chrift für Rezen­sionen zur ger­man­istischen Sprac­h­wis­senschaft.


(2018-aug-27) ““Get thee behind me!”: Imper­at­ive and reflex­ive get con­struc­tions in 17th cen­tury Eng­lish”. ICEHL 20, Uni­ver­sity of Edinburgh.

(2018-jul-18) ““It got bet­ter”: Devel­op­ing get con­struc­tions in Early Mod­ern Eng­lish”. ISLE 5, Uni­ver­sity of London.

(2017-jul-05) “Com­munal versus indi­vidual change in 17th cen­tury cleft and cop­ula con­struc­tions” [with Will Stand­ing and Peter Petré]. CBDA, Uni­versité François Rabelais, Tours.

(2017-apr-06) “Examin­ing Social Aspects of Lan­guage Change: Between Indi­vidu­als and Net­works” [with Peter Petré, Lynn Anthon­is­sen, Sara Budts, and Enrique Man­ja­va­cas]. HiSon2017 Con­fer­ence, CUNY.

(2016-aug-22) “Social versus cog­nit­ive factors in indi­vidual gram­mat­ic­al­iz­a­tion paths” [with Peter Petré, Lynn Anthon­is­sen, Sara Budts, and Enrique Man­ja­va­cas]. ICEHL 19, Uni­versität Duisburg-Essen.

(2016-apr-07) “Ger­manic Strong and Weak Verbs: A Brief His­tory”. Junius Sym­posium, Leiden.

(2015-sep-03) “Play­ful ana­logy and verbal ablaut” [with Remco Knooi­huizen]. SLE 2015, Leiden.

(2015-jul-30) “The role of fre­quency in ana­lo­gical change” [with Arjen Versloot]. Fre­qeuncy met­rics in psy­cho- and soci­o­lin­guist­ics, Albert-Lud­wigs-Uni­versität Freiburg.

(2014-dec-10) “The Evol­u­tion of Frisian Verb Inflec­tion”. Frysk Filo­lo­gekon­gres, Fryske Akademy, Leeuwarden.

(2014-nov-13) “sprut­sen & skr­eaun. A his­tory of Frisian strong and irreg­u­lar verbs”. Sûker­bôlelêz­ing, Uni­ver­sity of Groningen.

(2014-jun-12) “O: The his­tory of a Dutch past tense marker”. TABU-Dag, Uni­ver­sity of Groningen.

(2013-dec-13) “Potentiële pro­ductiv­iteit van sterke en zwakke werkwoorden: Fries en Neder­lands in vergelijkend per­spectief”. Mor­pho­logy Days, Fryske Akademy, Leeuwarden.

(2013-sep-12) “Effects of Lan­guage Con­tact on Frisian Verb Mor­pho­logy and Syn­tax”. Mul­ti­lin­gual Fryslân, Uni­ver­sity Col­lege Fryslân, Leeuwarden.

(2013-aug-09) “The Evol­u­tion of Verbal Inflec­tion in the Scand­inavian Lan­guages”. Inter­na­tional Con­fer­ence on His­tor­ical Lin­guist­ics, Uni­ver­sity of Oslo.

(2013-aug-05) “Ana­logy and Fre­quency as Determ­in­ants of Vari­ation and Change in the Verb Sys­tems of Ger­manic Lan­guages”. Inter­na­tional Con­fer­ence on His­tor­ical Lin­guist­ics, Work­shop “Reor­gan­iz­ing Gram­mat­ical Vari­ation”, Uni­ver­sity of Oslo.

(2013-jun-13) “Ana­logy vs. Rules in Dutch Verbs” [with Remco Knooi­huizen]. TABU-Dag, Uni­ver­sity of Groningen.

(2013-feb-09) “Ana­lo­gis­che ver­an­derin­gen in de verledentijds­vor­men van de Ger­maanse talen”. TiN-dag, Utrecht University.

(2012-jun-18) “Dif­fer­ent Dir­ec­tions: Mod­el­ling Changes in Verbal Tense Mark­ing Classes in Ger­manic Lan­guages”. TABU Dag, Uni­ver­sity of Groningen.

(2012-jun-13) “Vari­ational Pat­terns in the Tense Form­a­tion of Old and Middle Frisian Verbs”. Frysk Filo­lo­gekon­gres, Fryske Akademy, Leeuwarden.

(2012-jan-30) “Ana­lo­gical and soci­o­lin­guistic mod­el­ling approaches to tense mark­ing changes in Swedish and Frisian”. Uni­ver­sity of Groningen.

(2012-jan-14) “Ana­lo­gical mod­el­ling of tense mark­ing changes in Swedish and Frisian”. Con­fer­ence on Mor­pho­lo­gical Com­plex­ity, Brit­ish Academy, London.

(2011-dec-22) “Mod­el­ling Ana­lo­gical Changes in the Tense Mark­ing of Old and (Early) Mod­ern Swedish Verbs”. Mor­pho­logy Days, Rad­boud Uni­ver­sity Nijmegen.

(2011-nov-4) “Ana­lo­gis­che pat­ronen in het Oudz­weedse werkwoord­sys­teem”. Farewell sym­posium for Anette Ölander, Uni­ver­sity of Amsterdam.


(2014-mar-28) “Verbal Inflec­tion Pat­terns in Frisian and Dutch” [with Remco Knooi­huizen & Ger­brich de Jong]. Soci­o­lin­guist­ics Circle, Uni­ver­sity of Groningen.

(2013-jul-19) “Pro­ductiv­ity of Dutch verbal inflec­tion pat­terns” [with Remco Knooi­huizen]. Lan­guage Diversity Con­gress, Uni­ver­sity of Groningen.


Book Reviews

(2014-nov-19) “Nor­dic Larp”. First Per­son Scholar.

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(2012-nov-23) “Noc­tis: De Een­zaam­heid van de Nacht”. frnk​frt​.net.


See Even­ing of Light.


Journal Art­icles

(2015) “Scen­arios and the art of world­mak­ing” [with Joost M. Ver­voort, Roy Bendor, Ais­ling Kel­li­her & Ari­ella E.M. Helfgott] [$]. Futures 74. 62–70.

Magazine Art­icles

(2013-feb-20) “Liv­ing Through Our Errors”. Cul­tureRamp.


(2006-jun-2) “Luftslot­tet og for­jet­tel­sens tinde. Følelse og beve­gelse i [Hen­rik Ibsen’s] Bygmester Sol­ness og Når vi døde vågner”. Scand­inavian Stud­ies Days, Uni­ver­sity of Amsterdam.


(2014-jun-15) “Dode talen leven weer in Vogala”. In: Madoc 28:1. 60–61. [Review of the Android/iOS app Vogala, which presents audio record­ings of Middle Dutch and Old Frisian texts] 

Magazine Issues

(2009) Broodjes aap & drakendoders. Over ver­telcul­tuur. In: Het Alledaagse leven. Tra­dit­ies & trends in Neder­land 19. Zwolle: Waanders. [On Dutch storytelling culture]