Noctis: The Loneliness of Night

Beautiful constrast of sky and soil.

If there is one thing astronomy has taught us, it is the realisation that a planet like Earth, with its abundance of life, is incredibly rare in the vastness of the universe. We do know that there are billions of galaxies each containing billions of stars, so it is probable that life is to be found somewhere else in space; yet we are lonely all the same. We could – in a manner of speaking – travel for an eternity in any direction without encountering any sign of life. That overwhelming sense of loneliness on a cosmic scale is what strikes me the most while playing Noctis. […Read more…]

FATALE & the History of Salomé


This is the third time I’m writing about a digital work by Flemish duo Tale of Tales, and that alone says something about the capacity of their releases to inspire discussion. I started with the peaceful MMO The Endless Forest, and also did a short bit on The Graveyard. Continuing the chronological trend would leave The Path as my next subject – arguably their best and most game-like work – but writing about that fascinating psychological horror piece still seems rather daunting. Instead, I’m sticking to the slightly more manageable FATALE and exploring a bit of what it has to say about the figure of Salomé and how she’s been treated throughout history. […Read more…]

Harlequin Valentine, or Lustprinzip & Todestrieb


Recently I had a dream wherein I was repeatedly meeting a dark-haired woman, predominantly in my workplace and other day-to-day environments. On a very literal level – as far as any such thing exists in dreams – it was just someone who appeared to take pleasure in my company and who came to see me […Read more…]

Remedios Varo: Spiritual Confinement and Escape

the escape 1962_900

Not a lot of words from me this time: just three pictures. This conceptual triptych by Spanish/Mexican painter Remedios Varo is too beautiful not to share, and just a sample of her impressive body of work, rooted in European surrealism, but with a direction all of her own. The three works, in chronological order, are: […Read more…]

2011 Inspirational Reading

Out of the 100 books I read last year, I wanted to highlight a few that I found particularly rewarding. ~ Brave New World Aldous Huxley – Brave New World One of the classics of utopian/dystopian fiction, of course, and deserving of the status. Many apt analyses of the novel have been written before, so I […Read more…]

Ruins: Digital Dream Poetry

Agatha explores the ruins of her dreams

This is going to be a very brief impression, but there’s another ‘game’ I wanted to share with you. Ruins, developed by Cardboard Computer is a new digital art piece – or go ahead, call it a game – in which you control a dog, Agatha, who chases a number of white rabbits in a […Read more…]

Kein Bestandteil Sein


In my current linguistic studies, I am focusing on the way in which verbal forms are spread by people throughout their communicative networks. These networks are basically abstractions of the ‘forces’ that tie people together: meeting, talking, touching; communication in the broadest sense. But networks function as a model of a great many things, and […Read more…]