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A Xenophobe’s Lot in the Interstellar Seelee Directorate

On Hykkan Prime, a newly col­on­ised planet in the far reaches of the Inter­stel­lar Seelee Dir­ect­or­ate, some Seeleelee (that’s my weird plural form for the spe­cies) are not happy. They had recently migrated to the planet, an arc­tic world suit­able to their bio­lo­gical make-up, from else­where in the empire, because they were not happy. But now they’re still not happy. The reason is that the Inter­stel­lar Seelee Dir­ect­or­ate allows alien spe­cies to vote, and allows them to be gov­ernors, sci­ent­ists, and admir­als. Worst of all is that along with them, sev­eral groups of alien Vool have also migrated to Hykkan Prime. These Seeleelee are not happy. Because they are xenophobes.

You there, in the bottom right, why are you not happy? Oh wait, you're xenophobe.
You there, in the bot­tom right, what’s with the red hap­pi­ness bar? Why are you not happy? Oh wait, you’re xenophobic.

In Stel­laris, you cre­ate or pick a start­ing empire along with a spe­cies. While the spe­cies has cer­tain bio­lo­gical traits — such as being adapt­ive to hos­tile envir­on­ments or hav­ing below-aver­age lifespans — they also have a more mut­able set of eth­ics. They start with a par­tic­u­lar ethos, but depend­ing on cir­cum­stances, mem­bers of the pop­u­la­tion my devi­ate from it. To start with, the Seeleelee were xeno­philes and fan­atic mater­i­al­ists. In the game’s terms, that means they are hard work­ers and avid sci­ent­ists, are quicker to trust other empires once friendly rela­tions are estab­lished, and are hap­pier on plan­ets with intel­li­gent spe­cies diversity.

Fugatium, where everyone lives together in harmony.
Fuga­tium, where every­one lives together in harmony.

How­ever, once the empire starts col­on­ising empty plan­ets in the galaxy, pop­u­la­tions can diverge eth­ic­ally. Seeleelee on new plan­ets can develop an ethos of their own that is not com­pat­ible with that of the empire as a whole. The Inter­stel­lar Seelee Dir­ect­or­ate allows free migra­tion between plan­ets for all spe­cies, which means that unhappy Seeleelee are free to move to new worlds if they are unhappy in their cur­rent situ­ation. In the Dir­ect­or­ate, the xeno­phobes are almost always on the move, migrat­ing to a new colony as soon as it is estab­lished. How­ever, the Dir­ect­or­ate has migra­tion treat­ies with numer­ous other empires, which means that Vool, Stec­cashi, Tel­darans are con­stantly mov­ing to new and exist­ing colon­ies as well. It appears the Xeno­phobes are never free from liv­ing with ali­ens, much to their chagrin.

Some xenophobes are fanatic about it, even.
Some xeno­phobes are fan­atic about it, even.

Appar­ently, the xeno­phobic Seeleelee are not so unhappy as to revolt. Some of them have organ­ised into seces­sion­ist fac­tions, but their sup­port is mar­ginal, since most Seeleelee (and alien immig­rants) are xeno­philes. In addi­tion, the gov­ern­ment act­ively sup­presses such fac­tions. In the­ory, they would be free to move to other empires, but they would still be liv­ing among ali­ens, and the empires that have a migra­tion treaty with the Dir­ect­or­ate are also pre­dom­in­antly xeno­philic. There are other xeno­phobic spe­cies and empires, whose eth­ics on migra­tion and slavery would fit the Seeleelee xeno­phobes per­fectly. But of course those empires would never dream of allow­ing a filthy Seelee to pass their bor­ders, let alone immig­rate! And so the xeno­phobic Seeleelee are unhappy, mov­ing from world to world in the hope of find­ing one where they can be alone with their xeno­phobe bud­dies and grumble about the empire’s vot­ing and migra­tion policies.

Iron­ic­ally, the least unhappy are the xeno­phobic Seeleelee who live back on the home­world. Sure, they find the gov­ern­ment dis­taste­ful, but at least there are no ali­ens liv­ing on Uraya, since they never migrated there. Make of that what you will.

The xenophobe on Uraya is less happy then the other Seeleelee, but life could be worse. At least there are no aliens on the homeworld.
The xeno­phobe on Uraya is less happy then the other Seeleelee, but life could be worse. At least there are no ali­ens on the homeworld.