Time for a Story (On Papers, Please and Gone Home)


Checking those suspicious immigrants in ‘Papers, Please’. Can’t trust ’em.

Two recent indie release (Papers, Please and Gone Home) inspired me enough to pen a little article last week. Today the piece found a home on The Ontological Geek.

In the article, I explore how Papers, Please simulates the way in which bureaucracies can force us to treat people like cattle, like numbers, like items on a list. Through insidious systems the player — inhabiting the mind of a border official — is forced to spend as little time on immigrants as possible, while still following all the rules imposed by your government. I contrast this to the experience of Gone Home, where we can take all the time we want to dig into the personal lives of an American family, and experience their touching stories.

Read “Time for a Story” on The Ontological Geek.

  • ChrisBateman

    Ooh, great stuff – “Gone Home” is on my play list right now. Will read this after I’ve had a chance to play the game…

    • http://www.eveningoflight.nl/subspecie Oscar Strik

      Cheers, Chris! Would love to hear your thoughts on either. Gone Home will be interesting for you with regards to ‘thin play’.

      • ChrisBateman

        Looking forward to playing it, but soooo swamped right now! Things should settle down by mid-September, hopefully. *waves*