Time for a Story (On Papers, Please and Gone Home)


Checking those sus­pi­cious immig­rants in ‘Papers, Please’. Can’t trust ‘em.

Two recent indie release (Papers, Please and Gone Home) inspired me enough to pen a little art­icle last week. Today the piece found a home on The Onto­lo­gical Geek.

In the art­icle, I explore how Papers, Please sim­u­lates the way in which bur­eau­cra­cies can force us to treat people like cattle, like num­bers, like items on a list. Through insi­dious sys­tems the player — inhab­iting the mind of a border offi­cial — is forced to spend as little time on immig­rants as pos­sible, while still fol­lowing all the rules imposed by your gov­ern­ment. I con­trast this to the exper­i­ence of Gone Home, where we can take all the time we want to dig into the per­sonal lives of an Amer­ican family, and exper­i­ence their touching stories.

Read “Time for a Story” on The Onto­lo­gical Geek.

  • Chris­Bateman

    Ooh, great stuff - “Gone Home” is on my play list right now. Will read this after I’ve had a chance to play the game…

    • http://www.eveningoflight.nl/subspecie Oscar Strik

      Cheers, Chris! Would love to hear your thoughts on either. Gone Home will be inter­esting for you with regards to ‘thin play’.

      • Chris­Bateman

        Looking for­ward to playing it, but soooo swamped right now! Things should settle down by mid-September, hope­fully. *waves*