What It’s Like to Play Planescape: Torment

A showcase of some of the characters in ‘Torment’

Videogames can sometimes be a very arcane medium, and it can often be difficult to comprehend what they’re all about for people who never or seldom play them. Of course entertainment is often the main ‘use’ of a video game, but many of them have elaborate themes and stories, and the way in which video games deliver those narratives and themes is often unique to the medium.

In an effort to reach out to the ‘non-gamers’, the excellent media blog CultureRamp publishes a series on this topic in December, entitled What It’s Like to PlayThe two first instalments focused on the sci-fi ecosystem management game Waking Mars and the shooter-turned-competitive-sport Team Fortress II.

Today my own piece on Planescape: Torment was published, and I try to explain how the game uses exploration and conversation to allow you to reconstruct the protagonist’s tortured past. Part of the charm of the game is in its unique Planescape setting, which I’ve written about before in connection with the novel Pages of Pain.

Whether you’re a ‘non-gamer’ or someone who gobbles these things up like magic candies, I recommend you take a look at the article series:

“What It’s Like to Play Planescape Torment” on CultureRamp