Kein Bestandteil Sein

In my cur­rent lin­guistic studies, I am focusing on the way in which verbal forms are spread by people throughout their com­mu­nic­ative net­works. These net­works are basic­ally abstrac­tions of the ‘forces’ that tie people together: meeting, talking, touching; com­mu­nic­a­tion in the broadest sense. But net­works func­tion as a model of a great many things, and […Read more…]

The Veins of the City

Sub­ways and Met­ro­pol­itan railway sys­tems are fas­cin­ating things. In a very real way, they reduce the almost incom­pre­hens­ible com­plexity of a modern met­ro­polis to a gen­er­ally slightly less com­plex system of col­oured lines and dots. They also reflect, to a large degree, the major flows of traffic in a city, forming the con­duits through which […Read more…]

Tale of Tales - The Graveyard (2008)

While devel­op­ment and play on The End­less Forest, the first public release by Tales of Tales was still going strong, Auriea and Michaël had been working on new con­cepts. One of them, which bor­rowed ele­ments from their unfin­ished pro­ject 8, would later become The Path, which was released in 2009, and which will be the sub­ject of our next and most extended fea­ture on this Flemish design studio. The other was a shorter, more modest pro­ject, and quicker to develop for a final release as well. It was the digital vign­ette called The Grave­yard, and the first of the Tale of Tales titles to be dis­trib­uted semi-commercially online, beyond the con­fines of their own web­site. […Read more…]

You can’t trust *them*: governments and secret societies as malignant forces

The gov­ern­ment that is a threat to its sub­jects, or even openly hos­tile to them, is one of the more deplor­able recur­ring facts of his­tory, and one that has been an important topic for a great many thinkers in the past. Also in coun­tries that have enjoyed a rel­at­ively high degree of peace and safety […Read more…]

Tale of Tales - The Endless Forest (2005 - present)

First released in 2005, The End­less Forest is a “mul­ti­player online game” and “social screensaver” developed by Flemish studio Tale of Tales. It was ori­gin­ally com­mis­sioned by the Musee d’Art Mod­erne Grand-Duc Jean in Lux­em­burg in 2003, and has passed through various stages of devel­op­ment since its ori­ginal incep­tion. Ver­sion 3.3 was released in November 2009 and presents only the latest of these devel­op­ments: the addi­tion of a new loc­a­tion in the forest. […Read more…]