Runic Escapades: The Ribe Cranium


I wrote the intro­duct­ory post for the new his­tory blog Mor­imarusa foun­ded by four colleagues/friends and myself. It’s about the Ribe cra­nium, an 8th cen­tury skull frag­ment with a runic inscrip­tion. The inscri­pion is (most likely) a heal­ing spell to defeat a dwar­ven spirit caus­ing ill­ness, pos­sibly a head­ache.

The art­icle is part of an ongo­ing series “Runic Escapades”, in which I will present runic inscrip­tions in their cul­tural and his­tor­ical con­text.

Read “Runic Escapades: The Ribe Cra­nium” on Mor­imarusa.