Playlist: 13–19 August 2018

Last week’s blurbs, feat. albums by Sainte Marie des Loups, Gnosis, Machine­fab­riek & Signor Bene­dick the Moor, Psy­cho­lo­gical Strategy Board, Plaster, Touch­ing God, Thou, dre­issk, and The Joy of Nature.

Playlist: 6–12 August 2018

Last week’s blurbs: ☒, thisquietarmy, Hawks­moor, Sor­row Plagues / De La Nos­tal­gie / Eld­er­wind / Dreams of Nature, ProtoU, YlangYlang, Potion, End­less Mel­an­choly.

Cloudscape #80: August 2018

After a hiatus I’m back in the mix­ing busi­ness. This one fea­tures a lot of music covered in my new print zine Ex Abyssō, as well as other new music.

We move from ambi­ent acous­tics, tra­di­tional influ­ences, to rhythms and sounds increas­ing in intens­ity.

Ex Abyssō

The first issue of Ex Abyssō was pub­lished yes­ter­day. This zine is a new home for short reviews, per­sonal essays, art, and more, and each issue comes with an EP of music by selec­ted artists!

Dreaming the self, awakening the self

Though the paths dif­fer, both albums end up at or pass a sim­ilar point: a moment where the self becomes whole, where the false self is expelled, and the parts of the self are rein­teg­rated.

Ambiance · 13 January 2018

Bath time. Join me for selec­tions from my cur­rent ambi­ent playl­ist. And check out some new gifs. 💚