Getting Covered

Please, always check if you have the cor­rect cur­rent address (lis­ted below) before send­ing phys­ical mail, to pre­vent it get­ting lost.

If you are an artist/label and would like me to cover your music (blurbs, air­play, reviews, etc.) you can con­tact me on our stand­ard email address: info@​eveningoflight.​nl. I’ll con­sider music in any format (CD, Vinyl, MC, Digital). Because of the large amount of emails I receive, I can­not guar­an­tee that I will reply to all cor­res­pond­ence. Please describe clearly in your email what kind of music you are present­ing, prefer­ably with links to online samples.

All pro­mo­tional mater­ial should be sent to:

Dr. O.A.O. Strik
Uni­ver­sity of Ant­werp / Dept. of Lin­guist­ics
Rodestraat 14 / R.216
2000 Ant­werp

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