Ex Abyssō I — August 2018

The very first issue of Ex Abyssō is released today: 1 August 2018. [Purchase it here]

It’s the product of several months of soul-searching about which creative direction to take Evening of Light in. I had decided that I wanted to get back to writing brief reviews of a selection of the wonderful music I receive every day, but I also wanted to expand my horizon and publish essays on various topics that occupy my brain, as well as inspiring art by others.

The overwhelming number of submissions for LVX, last year’s anniversary compilation, also made me realise I love releasing music by people I care about. Ex Abyssō too, then, should have a musical component in the form of an accompanying EP.


Perhaps most importantly, for the first time in Evening of Light history, I wanted to make an actual physical zine.

So what is Ex Abyssō all about? I’m going to quote my own words from the first issue itself:

You hold in your (spirit) hand the first issue of Ex Abyssō, a cry from the depths, a beam of light from the abyss.
It is a gathering of thoughts, criticisms, images, and beckonings.
Waves emanate from somewhere within, and I pass on what I can to whomever may share my interest.
I cannot pretend to be a neutral vessel, for such is not the nature of things. Where relevant, Ex Abyssō is written from a perspective that is feminist, transgressive, queer, and as aware of its own flaws and idiosyncrasies as possible.
In this issue, you may find discussions of music new and old, selected artworks, poetry, and essays. In the future, the contents and their authors may fluctuate. For now, all is by undersigned, except where noted.

The first issue has essays on aestheticising suicide and Kenny Loggins’ “Playing With The Boys”, an 3-track EP of dark synth music by David Colohan and ikjoyce, reviews of new music (jazz, ambient, metal, wave, etc.) and a couple of metal classics from the 90s, and more. I hope I’ve piqued your interested, and if so: have a look and a listen, and perhaps purchase Ex Abyssō I.

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