Ex Abyssō II — October 2018

The new Ex Abyssō issue is out NOW!28 pages full colour + 2-track EP with music by Argiflex and uncertain. Available in digital or print/CD edition.

Limbonic Art – Ad Noctum: Dynasty of Death

And still, listening to Limbonic Art’s Ad Noctum: Dynasty of Death, it’s something more than nostalgia that tickles me. This shit holds up, and it does so just as well, or perhaps even better, than contemporary works such as Spiritual Black Dimensions or IX Equilibrium.

Paul Chain – Alkahest

1995’s Alkahest is one of Paul Chain’s most solid doom works. Catena’s trademarks are “purely phonetic” vocals, punchy riffs, and stellar guitar solos, all of which are on prime display here.

Alex Crispin – Open Submission

This is Alex Crispin sending me something I didn’t ask for, and didn’t exactly know how bad I wanted. This is him just saying: “hey, I made this little thing, maybe you’ll get something out of it.” Yes, I most certainly did.

Primitive Knot – Touch Me Not

It’s raw, it’s spaced-out, it’s occult. Primitive Knot conjure a kind of mechanised yet organic ritual tunes that are somewhere between Motörhead and Darkthrone.

Norbert Rodenkirchen / Robbie Lee / James Ilgenfritz – Opalescence

The opening flute suggests an album of pieces from traditional (early) music somewhere in the world, but Opalescence gradually opens up to something else, something more. There is experimentation that can only spring from a jazz background, and moments where the two meet and intertwine.

Stephanie Richards – Fullmoon

Stephanie Richards makes her trumpet sound like and against a lot of things. On Fullmoon, she is surrounded by percussive instruments: snare drums, timpani, gong, piano.