Sound, Space, and Play: an interview with Jessica Curry


Jessica Curry is an English composer and co-director (together with Dan Pinchbeck) of videogame studio The Chinese Room. Like many people, I first became familiar with her work through the award-winning soundtrack for the game Dear Esther, an experimental attempt to tell a ghost story in an interactive medium. […] Jessica is currently working on the soundtrack for the studio’s upcoming game Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture. In a recent email conversation, we discussed her background, current works, and some thoughts on the relationship between space, sound, and play. […read more…]

The Floating World and the Wood Beyond


The Floating World is the main artistic project of Amanda Votta, specialising in flute-based ambient music with dark and mysterious undertones. Starting as a solo flute project with its first releases eight years ago, it has since attracted numerous collaborators on various instruments and, occasionally, spoken word. Recent albums The Apparition and We Hunted have appeared on Cyclic Law and Reverb Worship, respectively, and this label attention will hopefully propel Votta’s music into a wider audience. Her latest album, The Wood Beyond the World, is just out on Eclipse, the subsidiary label of Cyclic Law. […] The interview below is the result of an email conversation I had with Amanda. My intention was not just to give her the opportunity to tell us a bit about the history of The Floating World, but also to get her to delve a bit deeper into literary and art history, a topic I know she enjoys. As you’ll see, those promises were fulfilled, as Amanda has a lot to say on the subject. […read more…]

Interview: Jon DeRosa (Aarktica, Dead Leaves Rising)


Interview by O.S., August 2011

All images property of Jon DeRosa

Jon DeRosa has been releasing music under various names for almost fifteen years, starting in his teenage years. He is best known for his project Aarktica, but is releasing a new EP under his own name this month. We ask him about the background of his career, the inspiration for his music, and the future.

To listen to a selection of Jon’s music while reading the interview, we’ve prepared a special retrospective Cloudscape that you can run […read more…]

Interview: Dirk Serries

Photo by Sjugge


Photo by Sjugge

This interview was mainly conducted in February 2009, on the night of the Tonefloat festival in Paradiso, Amsterdam. It was corrected and supplemented with some additional material in March 2011, to roughly coincide with the release of the Chasing the Odyssey retrospective box set on Tonefloat. Thanks to Dirk for the pleasure of speaking to him, and for his patience. Also, thanks to the various photographers for the permission to use their work.

Interview conducted by O.S.

Flemish composer and musician Dirk Serries […read more…]

Interview: Sand Snowman


'I'm Not Here', by Sand

Interview by O.S. & D.M.K.; All images property of Sand Snowman.

London-based musician and composer Sand Snowman has been releasing his unique material since 2006, also the year in which our website started. We’ve followed Sand from humble MP3 beginnings to where he is today: beautiful releases on CD and vinyl. Together with other artists from the Dutch tonefloat label, he paid a visit to our country in early february for a concert and some interviews, and he will return at the end of March. […read more…]

Interview: David Colohan (Agitated Radio Pilot)


Interview with David Colohan

January 2nd 2009 – by O.S. & D.M.K.

All images property of Dave Colohan, except where noted.

Irishman Dave Colohan, the man behind Agitated Radio Pilot and prominent member of the Deserted Village Collective, was one of the first people we wanted to interview for Evening of Light. Parts of this interview have been lying around since early 2007, but now we’ve finally been able to mold it into a new whole. Dave was kind enough to answer all our questions before he left […read more…]

Interview: Sean Breadin (Sedayne)


April 2008 – Interview by O.S.

All photographs property of Sedayne.

Where lie the roots of your storytelling and your musicianship – and were they intertwined from the beginning?

The first time music took on any sort of personal importance for me was with the little wooden whistle flute my Grandparents brought home for me from their holiday in Yugoslavia around 1968 or so – so I would have been six or seven at the time. I took it along to the school recorder class and […read more…]

Interview: Tony Wakeford and Reeve Malka (TURSA, Sol Invictus)


Interview with Tony Wakeford and Reeve Malka

February 2008 – guest interview by Peter Webb. [Comments in Brackets by O.S.]

Photograph by Renée Rosen.

Tursa ( and as a record label and production house has gone through a number of significant changes and developments in the last two years. Tony Wakeford‘s band of merry troubadours Sol Invictus ( have been at the centre of the majority of releases by the Tursa label but it is now branching out much further than it ever has before. Sol, reflective of Tony’s […read more…]