Darkwood – The Final Hour
Darkwood – Notwendfeuer
Darkwood – Weltenwende

Daughters of Elvin – Galdrbok

Dead Raven Choir – Selenoclast Wolves

Death in June & Boyd Rice – Alarm Agents
Death In June – Free Tibet
Death in June – The Rule of Thirds

Mathias Delplanque – Ma Chambre Quand Je N’Y Suis Pas [Montréal]

Dementia ad Vitam – De Gaia, le Poison… (short)

Casey Edward Denman – Song for the Living and Songs for the Dead

Jon DeRosa – Anchored EP
Jon DeRosa – A Wolf in Preacher’s Clothes

Desiderii Marginis – The Ever Green Tree
Desiderii Marginis – Songs Over Ruins

Dhul-Qarnayn – Jilwah

Dice Factory

Directorsound – I Hunt Alone

The Doomed Bird of Providence – Will Ever Pray
The Doomed Bird of Providence – Collision/Detection v7 (short)

Dragon Mandole – Bard’s Tale I: Esprits Du Soleil Levant

The Driftwood Manor – A Gathering
The Driftwood Manor – Every Light Goes Out Eventually
The Driftwood Manor, three 2010 releases (retrospective)
The Driftwood Manor – Dominican Black Abbey

Duo Noir – Sintra

The Dwindlers – Allegories (short)