Cachexy – Tacet Sed Loquitur

Café de l’Enfer – Marchant à quatre pattes au-devant de la rédemption (Short)

Marc Almond with Michael Cashmore – Gabriel & The Lunatic Lover

Cataplus – Tuohiparta

Cedar Spirits

Celestiial – Where Life Springs Eternal

Changes / Andrew King

Children of the Stones – The Bright Day is Gone

Circulation of Light – Acheiropoieta

Cisfinitum – Devotio
Cisfinitum – Tactio

Cloama & Blutleuchte – From Wasteland Mausoleums

The Cloisters – Little Winter
The Cloisters

Cloud Temple – Funeral Dirge Ov Thee Crowe King
Cloud Temple – Speaketh in the Tongue of the Forest

Clouwbeck – A Moraine

Compass Hour

Corpoparassita – Bambinocheride

Jehann Corvus – Cantiques pour une Chrysalide

Language of Light – The Tower / Crow Tongue – Wind Chant

Ctephin – DUAD

Cubs – Stonewater
Cubs – The Whispering Woods (Short)

Current 93 – Black Ships Ate The Sky
Current 93 – Soft Black Stars (Eclipse)