artist: Vindensång
release: Themes of Snow and Sorrow
format: CD-R
year of release: 2006
label: Archaic Lore
duration: 38:00

Vindensång is a project by two guys from Pennsylvania in the USA, and this their first demo. It consists of nature-inspired ambient, with an emphasis on calm synth melodies. These are combined with samples, mostly of wind, and some other effects.

The album is divided into several movements, each with subparts. The result is the album feels like a whole, with different themes following eachother, which gives it variation. The overall atmosphere is very calm and contemplative, emphasising the peaceful nature that winter can have, rather than visions of storm and turmoil. The titles suggest a melancholic theme as well, which is perhaps audible in some of the parts, but not in the atmosphere taken as a whole. Some of the piano/synth melodies are rather nice, such as the "Interlude", while others are less remarkable, only creating a nice background music. On the whole, I would have liked to see a bit more variation in atmosphere and instruments used, which could have made this better.

As it stands, this is a nice demo, that is worth checking out for those who like atmospheric ambient music with synths. Perhaps lovers of projects like Vinterriket might enjoy this. With some tweaks here and there, Vindensång are a promising project, and they are encouraged to come up with more material.


1. First Movement:(10:33)
  Part I: Intro
  Part II: Lamentations
  Part III: A Serenade for my Ghosts
2. Second Movement: (6:36)
  Part I: Snow Theme No. 1
  Part II: Snow Theme No. 2
  Part III: A Midwinter's Waltz
3. Interlude (1:11)
4. Third Movement: (6:27)
  Part I: Misery Overture
  Part II: The Remains of our Frozen Hearts
5. Fourth Movement: (13:13)
  Part I: Of Snow and Sorrow
  Part II: Nocturne
  Part III: Outro
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