artist: Life's Decay
release: Lysselia
format: CD
year of release: 2006
label: Abstraktsens Produktions
duration: 62:32

Life's Decay from France makes neo-classical music. Both the music and the remarkable artwork are provided by "Lyktwasst.". However, don't expect any Gae Bolg-like bombast, but more relaxed electronic music, with calm vocals by Alea, who also writes the lyrics. We find some military and industrial elements, piano melodies and now and then some (synth) violin or other instruments. All songs are carried by an electronic beat. Life's Decay displays a pleasant sound of their own on Lysselia, that certainly appeals to me.

The music on Lysselia is streamlined and modern, which is also the case with the very nice artwork and pictures of condominiums at nighttime. The songs go well together in terms of atmosphere and instrumentation. Within the tracks, there is enough room for variation, though, such as the piano piece in the middle of "Errklass", one of the highlights of the album, also due to the cold snares. But the other tracks are also very worthwhile, like the catchy "Novarch", or "Stuereva", where there is a little more experimentation with the vocals. One further stand-out track that I'd like to mention is "Wheire", an instrumental with a very good development, which ends the album. Nevertheless, a bit more variation in the music would have been a good thing, especially in terms of instruments and between the songs. Besides that, I would have liked to hear some more real musical explosions. This does occur in the surprising "Sphere", but I wouldn't mind a few extra of such fits. A final lesser point is the use of instruments, as I would have liked to hear more real instruments instead of keyboards.

Life's Decay manages to put down an atmosphere of its own on this album, both in terms of music and the stylised layout. Lovers of neo-classical and martial music would do well to give this album a try.


1. Majestueuse (4:32)
2. Espoirs (5:53)
3. Untitled (5:20)
4. Novarch (3:19)
5. Else (4:35)
6. Errklass (5:44)
7. Sphere (4:09)
8. Classartic (7:11)
9. Stuerevea (3:11)
10. Lounge (6:52)
11. Gloria (3:40)
12. Wheire (8:06)
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