artist: Darkwood
release: Weltenwende
format: 10" Vinyl, CD
year of release: 2003, 2005
label: HeidenVolk
duration: 42:29

Weltenwende is an album about nature as a place of contemplation, but also as a place of resistance and change, as we are able to read on the Darkwood website. Unlike earlier Darkwood material, the war past features less prominently, which is audible in the music. The electronic martial pieces we heard before are gone, and calm neofolk with guitar, violoncello, accordeon and recorder have replaced them. Some of the tracks therefore remind me of Forseti.

There are many beautiful songs on this album, which all go together well in terms of atmosphere. I'll highlight a couple of them. "Der Falken Flug" appeared earlier under the same name on Flammende Welt (and, by the way, also in a newer version on the Looking for Europe compilation). This is a new and well succeeded adaption. The song is less naked because the addition of violin, and the beautiful catchy melody is able to shine forth. The martial side of things rears its head after all with "Der Schaffende". This time in a well executed track, with a blend of guitar and various effects. Another track I'd like to mention is "Stiller Bund", which gains a special atmosphere from the flute. On the vinyl version, only the first eight tracks are included, but the CD version has a couple of bonus tracks, which stem from earlier albums and compilations. I think this is a nice addition, especially because they are new versions. Of these songs, the calm and sombre "Torn Nation" is worth mentioning, and also the catchy "Deutsche Sonnwend". This song originates from In the Fields, and is also found in a slightly different (but very nice) version on the Forseti lebt compilation. The only downside is perhaps the off-key female vocals on "The Hidden Stone", but for me that doesn't diminish the quality of the album as a whole.

All things taken into account, this is a nice album with beautiful, catchy and well performed songs. If you don't have it yet, it's worth the buy. Recommended to everyone who likes calm en sometimes ominous neofolk.


1. Wiederkehr (2:05)
2. Der Falken Flug (3:06)
3. Im Heimatwald (3:51)
4. Der Schaffende (3:42)
5. Stiller Bund (4:13)
6. Weg Ins Licht (2:30)
7. Tochter Des Waldes (3:00)
8. Epitaph (3:11)

9. Winter (4:07)
10. Torn Nation (3:19)
11. The Hidden Stone (2:29)
12. Deutsche Sonnwend (3:10)
13. Wittekind (3:46)