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All new Evening of Light reviews, news items and articles will from now on be posted in our new website structure: These old pages will remain online until all the content is transferred.

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Septmber 3rd 2009:
The summer has been a busy period for us, with the startup of our label and 'real life' taking up a lot of time. We're back now, though, with new reviews - more coming up! - and preparations for two new releases on the label: An album by Dutch electronica producer Maarten van der Vleuten, and an EP by Irish experimental folk master Agitated Radio Pilot. Please check our label pages and MySpace for more info soon.

We also welcome te newest addition to our staff: Osvaldr. We are very glad to have him join our team, and you can already read his first reviews on the site.
June 2nd 2009:
Today marks the birth of the Evening of Light label, a sister project to this webzine, curated by D.M.K. & O.S. Our first release is Suite for Hippolyte by English composer Richard Moult. A beautiful piece of abstract and mystical music for solo piano, in a lovely handmade packaging, limited to 100 copies. Check out our new label pages now for more info!
April 29th 2009:
After a long while, it's time for a new eclipse review, the first in a new series of classics that we'd like to put in the spotlight. First off are versatile Ulver, because there are few albums that have had such an impact on a genre as Ulver's Kveldssanger. This 1995 classic has been massively influential on later projects in the vein of dark neofolk and acoustic music, but remains on lonely heights. It is the second album in the seminal Trilogie inspired by Norwegian folklore, which fuses black metal and acoustic music, and the one that is most closely related to the scope of our website. You can read the eclipse review here.
March 26th 2009:
D.M.K. meets a different side of Laibach than we're used to. In early February, the legendary Slovenian collective performed live in Haarlem to present their instrumental and electronic interpretation of Die Kunst der Fuge of J.S. Bach. It was a hypnotising concert. You can read the review here.
March 11th 2009:
Today, we have another new interview, and this time the first in a diptych on artists from the Dutch tonefloat label. To start with, we present the story of Sand Snowman, the London-based musician and composer. We've followed Sand from humble MP3 beginnings to where he is today: beautiful releases on CD and vinyl. We had a pleasant chat and the chance to ask Sand about his music, Irish background, art, and much more. You can read the interview here.
January 2nd 2009:
Another year has passed, a year in which Evening of Light has moved somewhat slower than before, because of all sorts of other obligations. Nevertheless, we'll keep on going and would like to sound in the new year, first of all with all the best winter wishes to all our readers, and also with a brand new interview.

David Colohan is the man behind Agitated Radio Pilot, surely no unfamiliar artist for those who've been through our website thoroughly, and also co-founder of the Deserted Village collective. His own project has been producing particularly beautiful singer/songwriter folk for years, but Dave is no stranger to experiments and drones either. In this candid interview, he tells us about his music, and the background of his projects. Enjoy! You can read the interview here.