March 11th 2009:
Interview with Sand Snowman
London-based musician and composer Sand Snowman has been releasing his unique material since 2006, also the year in which our website started. We've followed Sand from humble MP3 beginnings to where he is today: beautiful releases on CD and vinyl. We encountered Sand in the KinkFM radio studio, where he performed on X-Rated. Just after that, we had a pleasant chat in the station's lounge with some tea and wine, and the chance to ask Sand about his music, Irish background, art, and much more.
January 2nd 2009:
Interview with David Colohan
Irishman Dave Colohan is the singer/songwriter known as Agitated Radio Pilot, and is also a founding member of the Deserted Village collective, those fascinating mongers of experimental and improvised music. This interview has been long in the making, but we've finally been able to get everything together in one place. Dave enlightens us about his musical background and that of the collective, his travels, and what lies behind those melancholic songs of his.
May 1st 2008:
Interview with Sean Breadin (Sedayne)
English storyteller and musician Sean Breadin a.k.a. Sedayne has been making experimental folk, electronics and early music for many years, besides a career as a professional storyteller. We asked him about his arts, his background, his favourite tale and his views on stories, music and tradition.
March 1st 2008:
Interview with Tony Wakeford and Reeve Malka
Tony Wakeford will be a very familiar name for most neofolk lovers. With his legendary project Sol Invictus and his label Tursa, he has been central to the neofolk genre since the middle of the 1980s. Recently, he has teamed up with Israeli artist and producer Reeve Malka to forge a new future for the label, and their many musical projects. Guest interviewer Peter Webb interrogates them about music, business and politics, past, present, and future.
September 1st 2007:
Interview with Henryk Vogel
Most people will know German neofolk veteran Henryk Vogel from his project Darkwood and the HeidenVolk label. He tells us about his latest album, Notwendfeuer, and several other cultural and spiritual subjects.
May 31st 2007:
Interview with Mikko Pöyhönen
Together with guitarist Antti Paavilainen, Mikko Pöyhönen is the Finnish neofolk project Tuhat Kuolemaa Sekunnissa, which released its promising self-titled debut earlier this year. Mikko takes care of the vocals, bass and lyrics, and since he was coming to Amsterdam in May, we made an appointment for a live-interview on the spot. We asked him about the ideas behind the project, the debut album, and the future plans of the band.
April 10th 2007:
Interview with Juha Kettunen
The Finnish Juha Kettunen is the artist behind ambient project Somnivore, which released the excellent album Clergy of Oneiros earlier this year. We decided to ask him about the underlying thoughts of Somnivore and in particular of his latest album, and about the history of this project.
March 16th 2007:
Interview with Frédéric Arbour
Canadian dark electronics label Cyclic Law celebrates its fifth anniversary this year, so we've decided to make up the score together with the man behind it, Frédéric Arbour. He also tells us about his own musical projects: Visions, Instincts and Longing For Dawn.
February 15th 2007:
Interview with Phil Legard
Phil Legard is the man behind Xenis Emputae Travelling Band, a project dedicated to capturing the mystical and folkloric side of landscapes in music. Phil also releases most of his own music through his label Larkfall. We asked him some questions to shed light on the concepts behind what he does.
January 29th 2007:
Interview with Pythagumus Marshall
Pythagumus Marshall came unto the scene last year with his relaxed folk project novemthree, and his label Little Somebody, where he releases The Joy of Nature and Arrowwood, among others. Following is the result of our online conversation.