How to contact us:

Contact info
The easiest way to reach us is by using our general e-mail address:

info (at) eveningoflight (dot) nl

You can also reach the individual staff members at their own address:

dmk (at) eveningoflight (dot) nl
os (at) eveningoflight (dot) nl

Remember to replace (at) and (dot) by @ and . !

Of course, you can always post your questions in the Evening of Light Forum as well!

To remain informed about new additions to Evening of Light, you can apply for the mailinglist. Send an email to info (at) eveningoflight (dot) nl, with "mailinglist" as subject.

Getting reviewed
If you are an artist/label and would like us to write about your music, you can contact us on our standard email address: We will review music in any format (CD, Vinyl, MC, Digital), as long as it constitutes a ‘release’ (i.e. no loose tracks), and it is in a genre or style that is up our alley.

We do not publicly post our address for privacy reasons, and to save you the cost of potentially sending us mail for nothing.

Because of the large amount of emails we receive, we cannot guarantee that we will reply to all emails we receive. To maximise the chance of getting a reply and an invitation to send us your material, please describe clearly in your email what kind of music you are presenting, preferably with links to online samples. Please do not send MP3s or images over 500kb as attachments to your email!

If we’re interested in reviewing your music, we’ll reply to your mail as soon as possible and give you our address, but don’t hesitate to send us a reminder if you haven’t heard from us in a while.