February 18th 2008:
Oeuvre Overview: B'Eirth (In Gowan Ring, Birch Book)
The first oeuvre overview is about B'eirth: folk musician, composer, and modern troubadour; the man behind In Gowan Ring and Birch Book. B'ee is one of the more original artists in the alternative folk scene, and since the early 1990s, he has been weaving together elements from traditional folk, singer/songwriter, renaissance music, and psychedlia to form a unique whole.
July 28th 2007:
Tolkien's The Children of Húrin - Heroism and Tragedy
In a short article, O.S. explains why he thinks J.R.R. Tolkien's latest novel, The Children of Húrin, is definitely worth buying, for both the novice and experienced Tolkien reader. In the second part of the article, which contains spoilers, he compares the story of Túrin to that of two European heroic figures, placing Tolkien in a tradition of heroic storytellers.
January 28th 2007:
The uthark-theory and rune magic in modern esotericism
In this article, O.S. sheds light on a theory of rune magic, the uthark-theory of Swedish runologist Sigurd Agrell. This theory has had a profound influence on the modern esoteric rune magic of the spiritual order Dragon Rouge.
December 9th 2006:
Werewolves: a short overview of lore and art
Lycanthropy and Werewolves are prominent themes in the folklore and mythology of many peoples of the Earth. O.S. presents some aspects of these phenomena through their appearance in mythology, literature and music.
November 10th 2006:
Historiography or Hearsay: Our view of the Vikings
Quietus takes a look at the way our modern view of the Vikings has been shaped by mediaeval chronicle writing, and explains why this view is wrong by looking at pieces of history and archaeology, and modern scientific work on the subject.
October 10th 2006:
"V" - Zwerm - a literary virus by Peter Verhelst
Flemish writer Peter Verhelst's newest novel is a take on the impossibility of history and clarity in the age of Internet and multimedia. In the course of just over 666 pages, he takes us on an unsettling journey through the Western 20th Century, from WWII to 9/11, all the while holding on to his unique poetic style and associative imagery.