About Evening of Light:

The Goal
Evening of Light wants to serve as an online platform for writing and discussion about dark experimental music and alternative culture. We do this by hosting reviews, interviews and articles about music and various other cultural subjects, and by offering a web forum in both English and Dutch, for you to discuss all of those subjects with us and eachother.

The Reason
This website was founded in October 2006 by O.S. and D.M.K.. We both feel that it is important for underground culture to be supported by the efforts of individuals, and journalism is one part of it. There is a lot of good music and interesting culture in the world that is relatively unknown, and only by paying attention to these art forms will they gain the publicity they deserve.

The Scope
So, what do we mean with "dark experimental music and alternative culture"? You could say that we wish to discuss music that is experimental and dark or melancholy, and can not easily be categorised. We feel that there is more than enough attention being paid to popular music, and also to the more established genres of metal, gothic, folk and electronic music. Our goal is to go off the beaten path and present a scope of artistic expressions that in some way or another falls outside of these genre types.
As for other forms of culture, we will mostly be looking at themes that are in line with the musical atmosphere on the website. This can be literature, visual art, film, history, spirituality and religion, but also theatre and dance, or cultural essays.
Our site does not have a political aim. We want to clearly distance ourselves from political extremism of any kind. Some music or subjects we discuss at our site might evoke political associations, but we always strive to present a politically neutral viewpoint. We are against extreme right-wing politics, but also against the indifferent neglect of one's own culture.

The Future
In the future, we would also like to begin organising underground concerts and music nights in the Netherlands. At the moment, these are long term plans.