Cloudscape: something

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[Two Super­posi­tioned Hours In The Life Of Odile]
Coil - Some­thing
Bill Fontana - Land­scape Sculp­ture with Fog Horns (Install­a­tion Ver­sion, 1981)
Pau­line Oliv­eros - Water­tank Soft­ware
Reino do Sol - ✴✶✺MONK✺✶✴
Ugas­anie - Dead Waste­land
Cober Ord - Spectres
Svart­sinn - With­er­ing Vis­ions
Annette Vande Gorne - Terre (1991)
Celer + Forest Man­age­ment - S-shaped isth­mus
Alistair Mac­Don­ald - The Tinc­ture of Phys­ical Things
Bosavi - Fo:fo: And Miseme Sing At Their Sago Place
Com­mon Eider, King Eider - Elk Tongue
Med Gen - Oxalis Pois­on­ing
sun­car­cass - hor­loge 3 - elle ne reste pas
Dronny Darko & Apol­lonius - Adapt
Aaron Novik - Room of Lost Love-Loss of Lost Love
Paula Mat­thusen and Olivia Valentine - VII 07_21_16, 4_38 pm, Steuben, WI (real-time [insects, birds, bob­bins, feed­back])
Beast Nest - Virgo Rising
Pau­line Oliv­eros - The Gentle (Short Ver­sion)
Boll­mann, Zeman, Kappel­hoff, Scherner, Vet­ter, Laneri & Wolf - Invoc­a­tiones