Cloudscape: Project 47 (Evening of Light Brew)

The Posse is back!
A col­lab between Azra, Decadans, Even­ing of Light, Johnny nowhere, KaliOx, Latifa Punk, Tamás Kisbali, and Weird with Beard! <3
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Patsy Cline - Back In Baby’s Arms
Sugai Ken - Awai Ni
Maria W Horn - Ave [XKated­ral - Portals Edi­tions]
Ikue Mori, Simon Balestrazzi, Sylvie Cour­vois­ier, Aless­andro Olla, Maja S. K. Ratkje - You Play Against My Day
Elvin Brandhi - Empty Weep­ing
But­thole Surfers - Amer­ican Woman
Moor Mother - Passing of time
Test Dept. / Brith Gof - Gwŷr A Aeth Gat­raeth
C.B. and ten oth­ers with axes from Mis­sis­sippi State Pen­it­en­tiary - Rosie
Enemite - The Ancient Scintilla/Lasthome of Fury
Wooden Stake - Alzbeta The Dev­il’s Bitch
Lydia Lunch / Zahra Mani / Mia Zabelka - Worthy Quarry
Jacques Ber­rocal - Cryptea IV
Monte Caza­zza - Liars (Feed Those Chris­ti­ans to the Lions)
Hol­ger Czukay - Träum Mal Wieder
Vile Creature - Glory! Glory!
Mor­gen Wurde - Über­dauert
Carla Bozu­lich - Med­ley: Time Of The Preacher, Blue Rock Montana, Red Headed Stranger
Ter­ran Aurora - Near Hori­zon