Cloudscape: μηλι

A pray­er­ful col­lage of anger and dejec­tion. Micro­cosm, meso­cosm, mac­ro­cosm. Μηλινόη uncaged once more. Death, black, doom, noise, and the harsh edges of hiphop.

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artist track album year pur­chase link
Ripped To Shreds Open­ing Salvo 亂 (Luan) 2020 [buy it]
Obscene Isol­ated Dump­ing Grounds The Inhab­it­able Dark 2020 [buy it]
Gnaw Their Tongues White Void Black Wounds I Speak The Truth, Yet With Every Word Uttered, Thou­sands Die 2020 [buy it]
Machine Girl Fort­ress Des­troyer U-Void Syn­thes­izer 2020 [buy it]
Grid­fail­ure Phos­phor­ous Fog Sixth Mass-Extinc­tion Skulldug­gery I 2019 [buy it]
Steve Nolan & Grey Fre­quency Liquid­ate Inter­cept 2020 [buy it]
ONO Sniper Red Sum­mer 2020 [buy it]
dälek A Beast Caged Absence 2004 [buy it]
Patho­gens Hol­low Eyes Soiled Cogs Forever Grind­ing 2020 [buy it]
Vaca­tion Bible School c r u c i f i e d Holy Unblack Metal 2019 [buy it]
AORATOS Prayer Of Abjec­tion Gods Without Name 2019 [buy it]
Caïna Well­ness Policy Gentle Ill­ness 2019 [buy it]
Mourn­ful Con­greg­a­tion Mother – Water, the Great Sea Wept The Monad of Cre­ation 2005 [buy it]
Pan­egyr­ist Hier­urgy Hier­urgy 2018 [buy it]