Genevieve, 7 March 2020


struc­ture, tex­ture, move­ment

elec­tron­ics, synth, post-rock, jazz, beats, house, avant­garde, musique con­crète

2methyl - Etched (2017, Agnost1k Records)

Redis­cov­er­ing this artist after, what, 10 years? Abso­lutely superb indus­trial D&B cyber­punk stuff from France. Hits really hard, and sur­prises with big rhythm shifts and touches of swing and hip hop. Crank it up!

Set­ting off into the night with the crunchy dark ambi­ent and meas­ured dubby beats of BOLT RUIN (2019, Cir­cuits / Con­soul­ing Sounds). We’ll be return­ing often to this one.

Mov­ing from bright (folk)tronic drones and beats to subtle jazzy alt rock, CUP’s debut album Spin­ning Creature (2019, North­ern Spy) is a delight. Sur­prises at every turn. Makes me smile.

draag - PHYSICAAL (2019) = HARD. ACID. TECHNO.

Will dance to, absorb, and eman­ate.

Ill Con­sidered are a full improv jazz band that above all simply *rock* very hard. Can’t find a bet­ter word for it right now. Super heavy rhythm sec­tion, saxes like fog­horns. The real deal.

This is nowhere more appar­ent than on their live regis­tra­tions, of which 9 - East / West is the latest one. A double fea­ture that’s yours for a quid + tip, so get going.

Some albums chan­nel the feel­ing of weird 70s/80s indus­trial exper­i­ment­a­tions quite well. That cut-up vibe, the tap­ing together of samples, strange syn­thetic sounds, and harsh noises.

Loach­fil­let’s 2016 album Death & Dis­sat­is­fac­tion (RATSKIN Records) is one of those albums. I thought I was dis­in­ter­ested when I first put this on, but I let it run out and it gave me all these nice asso­ci­ations. It’s a nice trip!

We never did get around to prop­erly review­ing the massive col­lec­tion that is Girih: Ira­nian Sound Artists (2018, Zabte Sote). How­ever, this four-part com­pil­a­tion of con­tem­por­ary Ira­nian elec­tronic music con­tin­ues to inspire whenever we pick a few ran­dom tracks from it for vari­ous uses. As such, we can do noth­ing but recom­mend you to take the plunge your­self and see what there is to dis­cover.

This low income $quad com­pil­a­tion is pretty bonkers. A whole bunch of straight-up good hard techno, and some more decon­struc­ted and exper­i­mental stuff to boot.

Cer­tainly no mono­ton­ous trip, this “Rave Exper­i­ence” finds a nice bal­ance between vari­ety and con­sist­ent dance­floor-read­i­ness.

YEREVAN TAPES does­n’t have a super busy release sched­ule, but I dig most everything that comes out of this Italian tape label’s roster. Qual­ity over quant­ity is some­thing I can get behind.

Any­way, today’s spot­light is on Presente’s Ultra Heaven (2018), an excit­ing mix of many elec­tronic and beat-based genres. Ambi­ent bits altern­ate with grimey beats, drum & bass, and more. Exactly the kind of left­field dance­floor stuff I’m cur­rently hunt­ing down.

I love Semi­ot­ics Depart­ment Of Het­eronyms, and their new EP may be their most focused and con­densed work yet. The A-side is stel­lar dark­wave-for-the-dance­floor, with “Suf­fer” open­ing things on a mel­an­cholic mood, and the goth techno of “No Mir­acles” basic­ally for­cing your feet to move. The lat­ter half is calmer, con­tent to wal­low in a sad flow, a coun­ter­point to the intens­ity of the first half. I’m very happy to add some of these to my arsenal for ima­gined future goth dance parties.

Against Strong Think­ing is out now on Avant! Records.