Hadewych, 12 February 2020


enthu­si­asm and stub­born­ness 

rock, heavy metal, punk, hard­core, pop, tunes, hip-hop, r&b, vapor­wave

This here’s one of those game soundtrack odes that’s just sub­lime in its sheer enth­ousi­asm and glee. But I’d expect noth­ing less of BARCH­boi, to be hon­est. Super Bow­ser Kart 64 (2019, Busi­ness Cas­ual) is an ener­getic joy from start to fin­ish.

b o d y l i n e is back and it feels so goooood. Pocket Feel­ings dis­tills some per­fect warm crispy chil­lout sounds. Just loun­ging around in a place that will never quite exist. Cast­ing off my wor­ries for a while. Tape/digital out now on Gor­geous Lights.

Really soph­ist­ic­ated hard­core from France’s Burn­ing Bright on Domes­day (2012). Power­ful riffs and rhythms, sharp melod­ies, a grip­pingly des­per­ate edge, and sur­pris­ing touches here and there. It’s free so why *not* knock your­self out?

Dead­pres­sure - Dead­pres­sure (2018, Car­bon­ized)

It’s mar­keted as punk/grind, but I’ll be roundly danged if this does­n’t tickle our old raw death/doom fancy, too. Full of twists and turns, from slow grooves to blasts to d-beats. Both Meli and I give this a major thumbs-up.

ENFORCED are going all out on this hard­core and death metal-tinged thrash mas­ter­piece. At the Walls is simply riff upon riff upon riff. Aggress­ive, destruct­ive, solid as a maul. Hedda like. [And ΜΕΛΙ too]. Out now through WAR records.

Hedda likes heavy metal. Hedda likes D&D. Hedda likes GYGAX! High Fantasy is their third album and it’s a little under 30 minutes of non-stop catchy clas­sic melodic riff­age, cam­paign-filling lyr­ics, and crafty flow. They get to roll an extra bardic inspir­a­tion d6 for the abso­lutely sub­lime Thin Lizzy wor­ship on « Mir­ror Image ». And then there’s the title track to close it all off: an epic anthem if there ever was one.

Skies splin­ter­ing
Eyes open­ing
Lives flour­ish­ing
High fantasy

I’m lov­ing it!

Home&Office - In Office (2019)

Whether you’re in the office or not, these tunes will lighten up your day with some good old fluffy pro­ductiv­ity (if that’s your thing) and/or funky vibes. Don’t for­get to touch base with your man­ager, before/during/after hanging at the cooler.

Funky inner­city vapor­pop for wan­nabe retro mob­sters. Ver­cetti’s Sum­mer Hits Vol. 2 is smooth and sweet as melt­ing ice cream run­ning down your fin­gers. Ew. (2019, Busi­ness Cas­ual)

Funky slow­mantic dance tunes for the lov­ers. Sum­mer isn’t over unless you want it. water­front din­ing has always got the goods. (2019, Aloe City Records)

Some­times you get one of these rock records that just works. Wilder Maker’s Zion is a solid piece of post-Vel­vet Under­ground indie whatever. Ends on a superb note with “Cocaine Man” as fea­tured in our recent City Grid Grav­ity #02 mix.