City Grid Gravity #02

Hadewych and voidassembly_progenitrix_v∞ present new mind­scapes from The City to wander through. Beats and rhymes and moods galore.

Pho­to­graph: m_takahashi - “city” <https://​flic​.kr/​p​/​p​q​E​oVA>

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artist track album year pur­chase link
Trade­marks & Copy­rights I Can Make The Twist Black & White 2017 [buy it]
Trans World Air­lines 晚上驱动器 (决心下班以后) Night Ride 2016 [buy it]
hair­cuts for men lftb 3 lftb v1 2018
Resa­voir LML Resa­voir 2019 [buy it]
A Tribe Called Quest Jazz (We’ve Got) The Low End The­ory 1991
Alice Col­trane Stop­over Bom­bay Jour­ney in Satchid­ananda 1971
dälek Crit­ical Asphalt for Eden 2016 [buy it]
Queen Lati­fah No Work Black Reign 1993
Shabazz Palaces Recol­lec­tions of the wraith Black Up 2011 [buy it]
Yoshimi Spir­ited Away Japan­ese Ghosts III 2018 [buy it]
Yoshimi Bound­ary Japan­ese Ghosts III 2018 [buy it]
Photek Ni - Ten - Ichi - Ryu ( Two Swords Tech­nique ) Ni - Ten - Ichi - Ryu ( Two Swords Tech­nique ) 1995
Amon Tobin Ruth­less Chaos The­ory 2005
Scorn Dream­space (Coil - Shadow Vs Exe­cu­tioner Mix) Ellip­sis 1995
East Of Oceans Sym­bol #6.1 Sym­bol #6 2012
Sangam Yes­ter­day All Was Left​.​.​. 2018 [buy it]
tsone halfway through sub­ur­bia pagan oceans I, II, III 2019 [buy it]
Wilder Maker Cocaine Man Zion 2018 [buy it]