Hadewych, 12 February 2019


enthu­si­asm and stub­born­ness 

rock, heavy metal, punk, hard­core, pop, tunes, hip-hop, r&b, vapor­wave

Alt+Lorilla 1k - Alep­toe Group, Inc (2018, Sun­set Grid)

Ooh, these are some sax-heavy—and hence classic—chill vapors. Keep­ing the light pace, some­times with vocals or snip­pets of spoken word, some­times instru­mental and mall-y. Light one up, cause smoking kills.

Best of the EPs that I’ve heard so far (and I’m doing them in order whenever I feel like it). Beast­maker’s EP.5 has a high dens­ity of clas­sic hor­ror doom riff­age for your delect­a­tion.

Black Ele­phant - Cos­mic Blues (2018, Small Stone)

Ooo, this is some no-non­sense fuzzy psych metal from Italy. Heavy, and not afraid to stir in a bit of FUNK.

Chem­ical Hyp­not­istYour Local Fore­cast (2018, DMT Tapes FL)

I’m set­tling in with some excel­lent fore­casts. Chem­ical Hyp­not­ist soundtracks the weather (report) for you, and no mat­ter what’s com­ing, you can handle it!

Some great straight-up furi­ous (post-)hardcore on Don’t Dis­turb My Circles’ new EP, Lower Can­opy. Great bal­ance of heav­i­ness and focused aggres­sion here. Out now on digital and on ltd 7 inch through Ring Leader / Reg­u­lator Records.

FM Sky­line - Advanced Memory Suite (out now on Busi­ness Cas­ual) Grade-A muz­aque right here. Funky and sup­port­ive synth tunes for the work­day of the future. If we remem­ber that far ahead, that is.

Chan­nel­ing that new age pop really hard, without com­prom­ising on ori­gin­al­ity one bit. Goamae’s Infin­ite Lagoon takes me to places where there’s harps, cerulean shores, soft voices, and boppy synths. Much love. (2018, Bogus Col­lect­ive)

Misty Grey are bring­ing that über-clas­sic doom and I’m here for it? Real 70s vibe and I don’t nor­mally even go for that all that much. Well, if it rocks, it rocks, that’s the main Hedda motto. And this rocks.

Hedda does­n’t deal in favour­ites, but if she did, Shna­bubula’s Game Genie would be her favour­ite (non-metal) album of 2018. This tour de force of proggy baroque chip­tunes is noth­ing short of genius, as the title sug­gests. On this album, Samuel Ascher-Weiss takes the high-intens­ity com­pos­i­tion style and wide-ran­ging influ­ences of early game soundtracks and chan­nels it in a way that oth­ers will be hard put to equal.

(2018, CS/digital, Hausu Moun­tain)

Hedda likes to rock, and this rocks. Oh, it rocks SO HARD. Voï­vod’s Angel Rat (1991, Mech­anic / MCA) is a clever infu­sion of heavy metal with 70s prog influ­ences. Gentler than their earlier thrash works of course, but without los­ing any of their edge.