Ἀρέθουσα, 6 January 2019


isol­a­tion, intro­spec­tion, relax­a­tion

ambi­ent, folk, drone, acous­tic, vocal, field record­ings, early music, spir­itual

Won­der­fully soph­ist­ic­ated field record­ings and elec­tro-acous­tic com­pos­i­tions on Cab­in­ets de curi­os­ité by Alistair Mac­Don­ald (2018, empre­intes DIGITALes). It’s a musico-psy­cho-dis­til­la­tion of sounds from dif­fer­ent places in Europe, alchem­ic­ally blen­ded to per­fec­tion. 

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Totally in love with Clara Engel’s hon­eyed voice and bed­room songs. Engel’s gui­tar tone is subtly per­fect and their voice lulls you along a dark lyr­ical jour­ney. A Shore far from any Prison is a stripped down solo work of incred­ible warmth.

Daniel & Mikael Tjern­berg remastered their very worth­while soundtrack to the film Svart­munk­arnas Krönika last year. The Chron­icle of the Black Monks (2018, Venus Aeon) merges post-medi­aeval com­pos­i­tion with an hon­est synth sound, and I digs it a lot.

Kagyr­gyn Res­tor­a­tion put out some divine live ambi­ent on Hairs aBlazin’ last year. Дариен is nos­tal­gic, mel­an­cholic, and moves through deep drones and snatches of hazy samples, both clas­sical and poppy. Would chill again.

If you need a calm start to your morn­ing, join me and spin up M. Oster­meier’s Tiny Birds (2016, Home Nor­mal). Min­imal piano melod­ies, and subtle, del­ic­ate envir­on­ment sounds. Glide gently through the dawn.

Nhor’s Wild­flowers col­lects all 4 Wild­flowers EPs with bonus mater­ial. A whole slew of supremely calm­ing, min­imal piano com­pos­i­tions. Per­fect for when you need that moment of almost-silence in your life. (2018, Proph­ecy)

A Rhucle album is always a good choice for a Sunday morn­ing relax­a­tion. Spring Tele­pathy is a tape from earlier this year, bright with its organy drones, dew shim­mer­ing in the light of the early day.

Peter Edwards takes us wayyyyy deep into space on Tem­poral Diver­gence (2018). Drones like the hum of dis­tant stars, the grind­ing of our hulls, the faint pulses of equip­ment. Min­imal in overt melody, but intric­ate and grip­ping in design.

Gor­geous post-rock-inflec­ted ambi­ent on All That Was Lost by Stray The­or­ies (2018, n5MD). It’s calm as all heck, there’s a very subtle pulse run­ning through these tracks, and a wist­ful gaz­ing-into-the-dis­tance feel.

Doing a proper chill with Sunnli5hh/t’s Yes­ter­day at 8​:​11am (2018, Busi­ness Cas­ual). This is lovely hazy elec­tronic stuff on the edges of a bunch of genres. It’s that moment when the urban becomes the nat­ural as the sun hits JUST right.