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Cloudscapes: Live at S14

On Decem­ber 16th a bunch of ladies gathered in an Ant­werp base­ment to make a bunch of noise. It was good.

I was ecstatic when the organ­iser asked me around a month earlier whether I’d like to be a DJ for a Deeat Palace per­form­ance—Vehe­men was added to the bill later. While I’ve been doing these online mixes for over eight years now, it’s been a long time since I dee­jayed a live set—so long that I’m too embar­rassed to admit how long—and it had been some­thing of a low key dream for me to start doing that again. So first of all, thanks immensely to Diny for giv­ing me the oppor­tun­ity to do just that.

The even­ing was a resound­ing suc­cess, in my opin­ion. We gathered in S14, which is an Ant­werp town­house con­ver­ted into a queer living/art/hack space. We hooked up our wires, pumped sound from the base­ment to the liv­ing room which would become a social / chill area for the guests later that night. And we pumped video, too! (Thanks Caro Orca). Both Deeat Palace and Vehe­men delighted with super-intense rhythmic noise sets, of which you can get a chaotic impres­sion in my insta videos ici (cau­tion, this shit is LOUD):

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You know what was the great thing? This whole even­ing was pro­duced by women, ~90% of the guests were women, and the vibe was the abso­lute best. You and I both know that exper­i­mental and under­ground music is, like pretty much all music, a male-dom­in­ated field, and this is reflec­ted in many gigs, events, and other scene things. Of course this is not always a huge prob­lem as long as dudes behave them­selves, but, well… yeah, we know how that goes.

But that’s why this was such a refresh­ing event to be and play at, and I hope I reflec­ted that in my playl­ist, which is pur­pose­fully focused sharply (almost exclus­ively) on female artists. This meant a bit more dig­ging through my col­lec­tion, but I believe the res­ult is worth it. So, enjoy these stu­dio impres­sions (think of them as pla­tonic ideals or altern­ate takes) of the set I played at S14:

Full track­list:

Alison Cot­ton - A Tragedy in The Tithe Barn
poemme - with the chan­ging of the leaves
The Float­ing World - Anemone (2 ver­sions)
Maria Monti - Aria, terra, acqua e fuoco
ARIADNE - fount of love
Áine O’D­wyer - Hyper­bolia / Boat­wo­man
Vouna - Last Dream
Leah Buck­ar­eff - Ochre
Olga Woj­ciechow­ska - Lazy Indif­fer­ence
Yazz Ahmed - La Saboteuse
Isnaj Dui - That Which Was Lost
Jamie Awak­shidar feat. Evelyn Glyndwr - Metro + Inter­stel­lar
Music for Indoor Pools - I: 3
AUN - La Luna
Eliza­beth Joan Kelly - Sci Fi Drive
Bar­bara Mor­gen­stern - Hands Dance
Sixth Comm - Birth of the Seven
Zavoloka - Flame From Within
Adult. - Everything & Noth­ing
Diamanda Galás - This Is the Law of the Plague
Diamanda Galás - Deliver Me from Mine Enemies

Wolves in the Throne Room - A Loom­ing Res­on­ance
Aïsha Devi - 1%
Björk - Army of Me
ARGIFLEX - Crys­tal High­way (DAW­type­Beat)
valyri - ntccccccccPN.11lr(diminisssssssswaste)op.29
Shanna Sordahl - The Strength of Blue
Nat­alia Beylis - Cats Are Sleep­ing
All­seits - Hel

Swans - Chil­dren of God
Hante. - Empty Space
Wiz­ard Appren­tice - Sen­su­al­ity
Semi­ot­ics Depart­ment of Het­eronyms - She Uncov­ers Before Me
Rojin Shar­afi - Pulp
Ingrid Laubrock - Con­tem­por­ary Chaos Prac­tices Part 4
ARIADNE - half-open mouth
ProtoU- Pel
Julia Kent & Jean D.L. - Part Four
Nico - Val­ley of the Kings
Jes­sica Sligter & Wil­bert Bul­sink - C
Hawthonn - Lady of the Flood
ProtoU - Skar Mekh
Arte­factum - The Sor­ceress
Eliza­beth Vel­don - on passing a rowan (for nicky who may be a witche’s famil­iar)
Hilde­gard von Bin­gen - Columba Aspexit
Hal­grath - Con­sec­ra­tion
Troum & Nadja - Domin­ium Vis­gur­gis Part 2
The Body - The Myth Arc
ASVA with Val Dorr - Cante­loube
Men­ace Ruine - Cup of Obli­vion