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DEITUS - Via Dolorosa

Via Dol­orosa
2018, I, Void­hanger

DEITUSVia Dol­orosa is, for lack of a bet­ter term, thought­ful black metal. Yes, there’s always going to be a cer­tain aggres­sion and dark­ness to this kind of music, but the band take a lot of time to craft broad vis­tas rather than pure oppres­sion.

This is most evid­ent in DEITUS’ use of expans­ive solos and pon­der­ous tem­pos, offer­ing the listener res­pite and room to think, rather than sweep­ing them along in a rush of pure energy and/or filthy raw­ness, like much black metal. These five tracks offer a lot of vari­ation in terms of riffs and melody, while main­tain­ing a very coher­ent and unique over­all sound.

It is fit­ting that an album that deals with the cleans­ing of sins and impur­it­ies through ordeal and ritual has a strong doomy vibe. It is the bal­ance between con­tem­pla­tion, expos­i­tion, and occa­sional out­bursts that make Via Dol­orosa such a strong work.

Via Dol­orosa is out Decem­ber 14 on CD through I, Void­hanger.

Reviewed by Μηλινόη