Hadewych, 21 November 2018


enthu­si­asm and stub­born­ness 

rock, heavy metal, punk, hard­core, pop, tunes, hip-hop, r&b, vapor­wave

Nor­mally this would be on Μηλινόη’s plate, but I’m steal­ing it because these riffs are just so juicy and thrashy. Anti­verse’s Under the Rego­lith is some ultra-tight cos­mic death thrash and I love it to bits. More hooks than a Bass­master, and superb solos as well, one of which is by my main man Tan­ner Ander­son (Obsequiae) who also does back­ing vox and hammered dul­ci­mer (!), so that makes it offi­cially awe­some™️.

(Out now on tape through Tri­droid Records and on CD through See­ing Red)

‘Unortho­dox Doom from France’. Yup, this sure fits the bill! At first you think you’re gonna get some old school doom with the­at­rical vocals, and yes, you do, but there are a lot of explor­a­tions in the riff­ing that set Dionysi­aque apart from some of its inspir­a­tions. There’s a slight black metal edge in some moments, in the vocals too, and more proggy touches in oth­ers. This untitled demo is solid gold in my book. Keep an eye on these dudes.

Always respect­ing the clas­sics, and Eco Vir­tual’s chill­wave cer­tainly is clas­sic. ATMOSPHERES 第1 (2013) is where it star­ted. All pop-based, but eking out a slight new age / nature­wave edge here and there.

Kürøishi’s Slukad av Slutet is an abso­lutely furi­ous short slab of heavy d-beat crust from Fin­land. No punches are pulled what­so­ever, lyr­ic­ally or music­ally. And that final track… you’ll just have to hear it.

Smoooooooth. And Crispy! Trade­marks & Copy­rights have a new EP on Bogus Col­lect­ive (Against the Clock) and it’s chock full of deli­ciously chill babewave tunes, as usual. Time to get in the mood…

A Tribe Called Quest - The Low End The­ory (1991, Jive)

Talk­ing about clas­sics… The title on this one could­n’t have been bet­ter, because on the one hand it’s low end that takes cen­ter stage here: this album is heavy as fuck, and it knows it. On the other hand, this stuff is cereb­ral: incred­ibly good rhymes and flow, synced per­fectly with afore­men­tioned heavy jazzy beats.

And another nice ‘oldie’: it’s water­front din­ing on Sun­set Record­ings (2016) with Clock Man­nequins. Romantic and smooth as always, with a vari­ety of vocal styles.

Hey hey hey! Time to go shop­ping with ハリウッドの食料品 on CULTURE CYCLE! The muzak is prepped and ready for your stroll through the mall. Just be sure not to trip over any cloth­ing racks that have sud­denly moved. And ugh, did someone open all those Dor­i­tos bags and just leave them there? The nacho dust is chok­ing the air all around this sec­tion. Give your shop­ping cart a good push and coast on out of here if you wanna sur­vive… (2018, Junk Maker Sounds)