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These Carbon-Composite Poles Are Made For Walkin’

I always go Nor­dic walk­ing to work, except I never do, because I don’t own any Nor­dic walk­ing poles. 

But now Stra­tegic Tape Reserve has the per­fect solu­tion with this col­lec­tion of car­bon-com­pos­ite music. It’s almost like you’re wield­ing your trusty poles when you put this baby on your Nor­dic walk­man.

As you now, Nor­dic walk­ing is an extreme sport, so you can’t just go Nor­dic walk­ing without your poles. That’s irre­spons­ible. Much safer to just go reg­u­lar walk­ing when you don’t have poles. But with this tape, you can just about man­age what would pre­vi­ously be unthink­able.

This is because the tracks are all light­weight, but solid, made out of high-grade syn­thet­ics, yet afford­able! The finest plastics and car­bons were sourced from among the world’s best man­u­fac­tur­ers, such as qual­chan.Emer­ging Indus­tries of Wup­per­tal, and VLK.

What makes the whole even bet­ter are authen­tic Swedish tips from a real Fittness Instruk­tör, who will teach you proper stavgång­steknik (that’s ‘pole-going-tech­nique’, for all you poor non-Nor­dics). These are so good that you will learn to exer­cise the right tech­nique even without poles!

Of course, all of this intense sport­ing will make you sweat, so STS made sure to include a last vital part of your equip­ment: a sweat­band. Look how well it goes with my nails! And indeed, it “can help reduce sweat-related injur­ies by up to 15%.” Win!

Be sure to tell your employer and insur­ance com­pany about the bene­fits of Nor­dic walk­ing for your health and pro­ductiv­ity!

These Car­bon​-​Com­pos­ite Poles Are Made For Walkin’ is cur­rently sould out on tape from the label, but you can still buy the digital ver­sion, which is almost as good. Be sure to provide your own sweat­band!

Reviewed by Hadewych.