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The Penitential Station - The Cloud of Forgetting

The Pen­it­en­tial Sta­tion
The Cloud of For­get­ting
2018, Other Forms of Con­sec­rated Life

The Cloud of For­get­ting is a cloud of bliss: it is a for­get­ting of both past and future, as we are drawn into an eternal now that secludes us from worry.

We keep com­ing back to the same moment: a single pas­sage in the choir’s per­form­ance of Da Palestrina. We explore the cathed­ral, exper­i­ence the dif­fer­ences in acous­tics from each angle, in each nook and cranny. The same moment, in infin­ite ways.

And there is no cathed­ral, only a cloud. There is no sub­stance, only empty vest­ments, bil­low­ing in the wind.

In this eternal moment, we are pur­i­fied of all tem­por­al­it­ies, we can atone for our manip­u­la­tions, and draw strength from this beatific pen­ance.

We’ll need that strength when the moment ends, and we are set down on our own two feet again, as we inev­it­ably are.

The Cloud of For­get­ting came out in Septem­ber on Other Forms of Con­sec­rated Life.

Reviewed by Ἀρέθουσα.