Hadewych, 7 November 2018


enthu­si­asm and stub­born­ness 

rock, heavy metal, punk, hard­core, pop, tunes, hip-hop, r&b, vapor­wave

2Pac’s debut was­n’t as wave-mak­ing as some of his con­tem­por­ar­ies’ first efforts, let alone his own later works and leg­acy, but it’s a solid, funky, and con­scious album.

Trip­tych by The Bed­room Witch is an EP and a short film com­pris­ing three music videos. In the music, dark­wave meets syn­thy altern­at­ive pop with a new age vibe…

…while the film is a psy­cho­lo­gical witchy hor­ror affair. The whole thing is dreamy, weird, and ϙueer, and I’m totally here for it.

Cauldron’s ‘New Gods’ is gonna be one of the years finest melodic metal albums for sure, with more great hooks than you can shake a fish at. Killer song­writ­ing across the board, with some­thing of an old school hard rock feel, too.

Morn­ing vapor vibes are cour­tesy of DJ iTunes. Rendered Fruit (2015, Busi­ness Cas­ual) is funky, smooth, old school, with a whole bunch of choice loops and samples.

If you miss the sum­mer, light up Frank­JavCee’s Volume 2​​.​​123 Col­lec­tion (2018, Busi­ness Cas­ual), why­don­cha. Some weird ass eclectic vapor pop hop that’ll bring a smile to your autumn-stricken face.

Play­ful and soph­ist­ic­ated elec­tro­pop by Miss Inform­a­tion (Miho Hat­ori) on Sequence (2018, Pion­eer Works). Themes from Asian his­tory are beamed straight into the plastic inform­a­tion age.

URSA deliver some solid epic doom on Abyss Between the Stars, which came out last week on Blood Music. Not a ton of sur­prises, but there’s the soar­ing vocals, the riffs, the solos… enough to be quite con­tent.

Login to your office PC and jam to these fine tunes. It’s gonna be another pro­duct­ive day with WINDOWS NASHVILLE ’96 on Oklahoma Micro­elec­tronic (2017, Sun­set Grid ).