Μηλινόη, 5 November 2018


des­pair, demen­tia, dis­sent

black, death, funeral, dun­geon, dark ambi­ent, sadgaze, harsh elec­tron­ics, intense (neo-)classical

Aes­thet­ics of a lossl’Égo­isme (2018)

A decent slice of des­pond­ent melodic death metal from this Swedish one-man pro­ject. Par­tic­u­larly nice doomy feels on the final track, “Tom­het­ens lyrik”.

An unlikely part­ner­ing, but not alto­gether without merit: black metal and coun­try meet on Des­chain’s Grit Part II: Drift. Quite dis­tinct from pos­sible com­par­is­ons like Pan­op­ticon, the sound and concept here drift more towards the myth­ical West.

Evoken have released their most rel­ev­ant album in years… check out my full review from last week.

Oh no, all of my ang­sty teen feels!!! Kyrko­gård man­age to tap into that late 90s era depressed metal mood really well with their recent Empathie Fatale demo. A doomy, blackened mini-trip that syn­thes­ises some of the best sounds from that era with a more recent sens­ib­il­ity. Reminds me quite a bit of Sleep White Winter’s lovely 2017 album, Degen­er­acy of Nos­tal­gia, which I reviewed last winter: http://​www​.even​in​gof​light​.nl/​2​0​1​7​/​1​1​/​2​9​/​d​e​g​e​n​e​r​a​c​y​-​o​f​-​n​o​s​t​a​l​g​ia/.

Proper good moody autum­nal black metal on this Mav­radoxa / Deafest split from 2017 (Hyp­notic Dirge). Get­ting def­in­ite Agal­loch vibes on the Mavra half, incl. great neo­folky stuff, while Deafest goes straight down the atmo­spheric black route.

You can get Nera­terræ’s nice set of demos (The NHART Demo​[​n​]​s) for free from their Band­camp. Some solid noisy dark ambi­ent and death indus­trial mater­ial in here.

Obsequiae’s Aria of Ver­nal Tombs is one of the best metal albums of the dec­ade, and it ended up on my turntable again this morn­ing. Yes, it’s melodic death/black, but it does­n’t sound like any other melodic death/black, or any other metal band, period. Heav­ily steeped in early music, and not just in its gor­geous harp inter­ludes, but through­out.

Raw and dis­son­ant, San­guin­ary Trance’s debut EP Wine, Song and Sac­ri­fice is a solid piece of black metal with a ritual touch and a ‘clas­sic’ feel. The long title track is an impress­ively unfold­ing beast, backed by two shorter and furi­ous fin­ish­ers.

Sar­cóf­ago’s The Laws of Scourge (1991, Relativ­ity) inhab­its that per­fect point where thrash metal turns into black and death. In addi­tion to that diverse blend, this album has a few unortho­dox ele­ments, too. A true clas­sic.

Equal parts furi­ous and pens­ive, Death Is Peace by Void Ritual (2018, Ipos Music) is the kind of atmo­spheric black metal album you keep return­ing to.

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