voidassembly progenitrix v∞, 2 November 2018


struc­ture, tex­ture, move­ment

elec­tron­ics, synth, post-rock, jazz, beats, house, avant­garde, musique con­crète

Leave your expect­a­tions at the door for the new Alpha Dream­Drift X album… Æth­er­loop runs the gamut from elec­tro­pop songs and and old­school house/D&B atmo­spheres to gor­geous swathes of ambi­ent synth. Mas­ter­ful, and peer­less in its diversity.

Synth-heavy, and as warmly spooky as ever (yes, that’s a thing), The Quietened Mech­an­isms is per­fect A Year in the Coun­try mater­ial. Class A mater­ial by The Heart­wood Insti­tute, Howl­round, Grey Fre­quency, Listen­ing Cen­ter, Sproatly Smith, et al.

Clas­sic drones and synth whirl­ings from FOUDRE! on their fourth album KAMI 神. As always, the impro­vised, ritual qual­ity of this quar­tet’s music is enthralling. Out Novem­ber 18th on Gizeh Records.

John Col­traneLush Life

Yes, we love tran­scend­ental free jazz Col­trane, but let’s not for­get about late 50s laid back Col­trane. This is loungy, but infused with soph­ist­ic­ated lyr­i­cism. Just a trio on the first three tracks (Col­trane, Earl May, Art Taylor), and with an expan­ded band on the last two, which are taken from dif­fer­ent ses­sions.

Keith Jar­rett’s Stair­case (1977, ECM) is a suite of four pieces for solo piano. Jar­rett keeps time, ascend­ing and des­cend­ing, mov­ing with the sea­sons. This is free, mean­der­ing, and con­fid­ent, often with a whiff of his voice under­pin­ning his play.

The Ulti­mate Cli­max by QUAL (2018, AVANT! Records) is crazy, dark, power­ful. Hard­core cold­wave for those who like it a bit on the freaky side. Put on your mask, do a little dance, get down with QUAL’s deprav­ity.

Side­walks and Skel­et­ons’ latest is also their best… The Void (2017, 2018 Geo­met­ric Lul­laby) nails the aes­thetic, but also brings the music deeper into a kind of goth shoegaze ter­rit­ory. This one gives me solace, makes me want to slowdance with myself.