Hadewych, 31 October 2018


enthu­si­asm and stub­born­ness 

rock, heavy metal, punk, hard­core, pop, tunes, hip-hop, r&b, vapor­wave

Designed to Break by Breath­ers (2018, Irrel­ev­ant Music) is super-fun retro pop with a strong synth pres­ence. Listen to “Low in the Sky” on our latest City Grid Grav­ity show.

Lush, almost too sweet vapor­wave from Dis­so­ci­ate: 解離 on their Geo­met­ric Lul­laby double album from this year. Drenched in haze, drawn out, dreamy, this is Japan­ese pop shmeared out to fill all your cav­it­ies.

Short and oh so sweet (and free!): two tiny tracks inspired by that mid-90s video­game sound. eryth­ritol’s Doors to Dreams / Sleep­ing Forest single (2018, stevia sphere) is billed as back­ground music, but these cuties can stand on their own.

Jungle Broth­ersStraight Out The Jungle

True clas­sic from the early days of jazzy hip-hop. Made even greater by the sleazy house clas­sic (you guessed it) “I’ll House You”.

This release embod­ies con­sump­tion after mid­night in all its forms.” Oh yeah… Glor­i­ous con­sumer­soft from Little Mac Tonight out on Bogus Col­lect­ive. That time of night when stuff feels all grainy and you just want some fries, man. ??

Tele­fone, my entry point to Noname, makes me hungry to check out her more recent LP, because: What a debut! These laid-back rhymes are heav­ily inflec­ted with jazz and R&B. Warm, syr­upy chor­uses too, and a bunch of great guest appear­ances.

Chil­lout Crisis by Son­nig 991 (2018, Busi­ness Cas­ual) is a big mashup of samples from pop, dance and jazz, and ori­ginal com­pos­i­tion ele­ments. Great blen­ded sound and full of good energy, as always.

There’s a warm con­tem­por­ary synthpop/wave sound on Steven Parry’s 10 Past 10 (2018), and it has the appro­pri­ate atmo­sphere, too. Could use some sharper song­writ­ing here and there to take it to the next level.

Vari­ous ArtistsNat­ive North Amer­ica (Vol. 1) : Abori­ginal Folk, Rock, and Coun­try 1966-1985 (2014, Light in the Attic)

Fas­cin­at­ing com­pil­a­tion chart­ing some rad­ical, often raw music from many dif­fer­ent nat­ive artists. A lot of right­eous pride and spirit in these songs.

Bright, open, and slightly psy­che­delic, The Five Ringed Tower EP by Vinyl Dial (2017, Seiko­mart) is a lovely elec­tron­ica trip. Proggy post-vapor synth rock with a dash of Asian folk influ­ences, how’s that for a genre descriptor?