Μηλινόη, 8 October 2018


des­pair, demen­tia, dis­sent

black, death, funeral, dun­geon, dark ambi­ent, sadgaze, harsh elec­tron­ics, intense (neo-)classical

Can­de­lab­rum dropped a very ful­filling album this year with Portals (2018, Altare). Gritty atmo­spheric black metal with subtle synths and a pon­der­ous funeral touch. A hint of Skep­ti­cism in the final track!

Dark­throneSoulside Jour­ney (1991, Peaceville)

If I’m going on an old school death metal jour­ney I can’t in good con­science pass this one by without men­tion. Com­pletely unrep­res­ent­at­ive of what Dark­throne are known for, but cool stuff nev­er­the­less. Typ­ical and solid early-nineties European death metal.

Oh gods… and then the new Död­srit. If their s/t was the per­fect intro to their über-Swedish blackened D-beat, Spirit Crusher reveals they’ve got more up their sleeve. Exten­ded doomy pas­sages, for example. Solid gold.

Tape + patch (yos!) out on Wolves of Hades:

Self-Anni­hil­at­ing Con­scious­ness by Eigen­licht (2018, Gilead / I, Void­hanger) is as per­fectly poised as the sword on its cover. Black and doom metal as a ves­sel for gnostic con­tem­pla­tion. Ambi­tious, admir­able. Full review in the upcom­ing issue of Ex Abyssō.

Inhüma by ESOCTRILIHUM (2018, I, Void­hanger) = indefatig­able cos­mic black/death metal. Sum­mon­ing (or exor­cising?) internal demons, sole mem­ber Asthâghul deliv­ers a work of ambi­tion matched by tal­ent. This thing rips from start to fin­ish.

The new album by Infernal Coil on Pro­found Lore is noth­ing to sneeze at, but have you heard their earlier EP? Burn­ing Prayer of Infin­ite Hatred is com­pact, tightly wound, and brim­ming with lethal force. Whirl­ing, arrest­ing death metal.

Lychg­ate - The Con­ta­gion in Nine Steps (2018, Blood Music)

Just check out my review, will ya.

Speak­ing of killer death metal, Den­mark’s Phrene­lith have a rad 7″ out on Night Shroud called Orna­men­ted Dead Eyes. Two chunky tracks with a strong doom/death vibe that I love, and some nice melodic leads. Digital is PWYW so get on that.

Wilt’s sul­len blackened funeral is fit­ting my mood just fine. Mov­ing Mono­liths came out in 2015 on Bindrune / Ven­detta, a pon­der­ous work with the occa­sional out­burst. This won’t cheer you up, but some­times that’s just how it is.

You’ve caught me at one of my relaxed moments. That means with my head in the dun­geon. In this case, the quaint, moss-covered moun­tain cave, rather than the blood-spattered rusty oubli­ette. Sweden’s Örnat­or­pet got that good stuff.