voidassembly progenitrix v∞, 5 October 2018


struc­ture, tex­ture, move­ment

elec­tron­ics, synth, post-rock, jazz, beats, house, avant­garde, musique con­crète

Deep noisy dron­es­capes on ‘Lost Dir­ec­tion’ by Aman­tra vs Sub­merged (2018, Kvitnu). Per­fect cres­cendos on both tracks. The first starts with softer waves and gradu­ally builds, the second stut­ters into delayed gui­tar, deep basses, and black crackle.

Amon TobinFoley Room (2007, Ninja Tune)

Tobin was always one to util­ise many found sounds in his record­ings, but on Foley Room he goes all out. Listen to a track like “Kit­chen Sink” in my latest Main­frame Trans­mis­sion mix, where he uses everything and the um… kit­chen sink.

I know David Busch as the com­poser behind Fin­lii, whose twinkly post-vapor sounds I’ve been enjoy­ing greatly the past couple of years. Two releases under his own name are now on my radar and both great stuff.

Ges­ture Life (2018, Sun­set Record­ings) sees Busch tak­ing the typ­ical melodic Fin­lii sound into slightly more intense rhythmic syn­thwave ter­rit­ory, while Nacht Fliege (2018, Ele­mental 97) is straight-up chill house. 

Don Cherry“mu” (1969, Charly)

Cherry gets freaky with pocket trum­pets, flutes, and vari­ous other things he can blow on. A great trip around many parts of the musical world.

On Water Birth (2018), First Kings sounds abso­lutely unlike any­thing else I know. Yes, it’s syn­thes­ised music, but defeats attempts at pigeon­hol­ing. What it is is beau­ti­ful, strange, aqueous…

There are cham­bers to this thing, land­scapes, worlds. A kind of men­tal trans­form­a­tion through sound. I’m wax­ing lyr­ical, so just stop me here and go get that album from Geo­met­ric Lul­laby:

Ill Con­sidered live is really some­thing I’d like to exper­i­ence. The grime, the incred­ible tight­ness of the rhythm sec­tion… All is on full dis­play on this hour-long regis­tra­tion of their appear­ance Live at Total Refresh­ment Centre (2018). Funky spir­itual jazz with a heavy jam edge.

You haven’t heard #plant­wave until you’ve heard Internal Garden (4 albums, 2018, Bogus Col­lect­ive). The first album focuses on plant–human duets. More about Justin Wig­gan’s plant music in the upcom­ing issue of Ex Abyssō.

Kyle DixonMichael SteinStranger Things, Volume One (2017)

I mean, it’s just very good, isn’t it? They wring a lot of stuff from their synths, light and dark, calm and tense.

A little under half an hour of ultra-chill ambi­ent beats. I’ll never say no to that, and you can’t play more to my per­sonal brand than ded­ic­at­ing an album to (dif­fer­ent kinds of) tea. So, Tea Leaves by Lotus Bloom (2017, Busi­ness Cas­ual) it is!

Eclectic synth on Roche by May­er­ling (2018, Hands in the Dark). M moves deftly between mod­ern beat-driven tracks and Ber­lin School-influ­enced rhythmic ambi­ent. Full review in the next issue of Ex Abyssō.

Sonny RollinsThe Bridge (1962, RCA Vic­tor)

Just Sonny, hard bop­pin’. 

Noth­ing but the choicest of beats on the Doom Mix Vol II comp from Doom Trip Records (2018). Fea­tures excel­lent elec­tronic works by Dia­mond­stein, Argiflex, Sangam, Trium Cir­cu­lorum, Mukqs et al. Free codes on the page, so go get it!