Hadewych, 3 October 2018


enthu­si­asm and stub­born­ness 

rock, heavy metal, punk, hard­core, pop, tunes, hip-hop, r&b, vapor­wave

Bart GraftMon­et­ary Gain (2015)

One of Graft’s clas­sic yup­pie busi­ness­wave albums. Most tracks keep a nice pace while not going all in in terms of speed. The gui­tar solos are a dif­fer­ent beast, however—this dude can shred!

Chopin Scrü­jah - Cheers (2018, Power Lunch Cor­por­a­tion)

Nice stretchy vapors and a long-form Super Mario Bros. remix. What’s not to like?

Dis­charge - Hear Noth­ing See Noth­ing Say Noth­ing (1982)

Protest and Sur­vive!

Nice instru­mental vapor tunes from Mis­ter Dizzy here on Fully Digital (2018, DMT Tapes FL). Muzak for ima­gin­ary shops, nightclubs, phone lines on hold.

Trait­ors GateDevil Takes The High Road (1985, Bul­let)

The ori­ginal com­pan­ion to last week’s Fallen. A fun power metal EP where the clas­sic hard rock influ­ences are clear in the riff­ing.

trashgh0st - Ghoul’s Nite Out (2018, DMT Tapes FL)

Whoo boy, this is some clas­sic vapor. Slow funk, some com­mer­cial tunes. Short but sweet, and with some cool remixes by TVVIN_PINEZ_M4LL and oth­ers.

Spacelounge (2018, Hol­lo­way Tapes) is the future! Chill sounds from around the new old worlds.

Grab on to your (vir­tual) tape deck and set sail for a glor­i­ous ret­ro­fu­ture. It’s gonna be a smooth ride!

Abso­lute high-class future funk by VENO on Inter­mis­sion (2016, Busi­ness Cas­ual). Much of it is the clas­sic soul- and funk-tinged house you’d expect, but there’s some proper drum & bass and vapor bits too.

Zima Clearmalt - Iza­kay­a観光客 (2018, Power Lunch Cor­por­a­tion)

Ah yeahhh. Why not hang out at the iza­kaya after work? The beer, the snacks, and the music will help the day go down.