voidassembly progenitrix v∞, 28 September 2018


struc­ture, tex­ture, move­ment

elec­tron­ics, synth, post-rock, jazz, beats, house, avant­garde, musique con­crète

Dark dark dark songs on This Beha­viour by ADULT. (2018, Dais) This is DAF through a black mod­ern elec­tropunk fil­ter. Dance­floor mater­ial, with an ice cold warbly woman declam­a­tion and uncom­prom­ising slap synth beats.

Amon TobinBri­c­ol­age (1997, Ninja Tune)

Jazz UDM ori­gin­ator.

No one does beats quite like Argiflex. On Gen­er­at­ive Being (2018, Junk Maker) she presents us with a per­fect dis­til­la­tion of post-vapor­wave dance music.

There’s a trap swing to it, but a also a hefty dose of old school rave, through a dis­tort­ing lens.

A-Sun Amissa present some mas­ter­ful fusion sound­scapes on Cere­mony in the Still­ness. Gui­tar-heavy, enriched with cello, sax­o­phone, gui­tar, ondes Martenot. Out now on Gizeh / Con­soul­ing. Full review in the upcom­ing issue of Ex Abyssō.

Björk - Medúlla (2004, One Little Indian)

Full vocal focus on this one. Par­tic­u­lar appre­ci­ation for the ones in Icelandic. Exem­pli gra­tia:

Bright melod­ies and bub­bly rhythms on HYPERLIGHT by boyc­alled­crow (2018, Hairs aBlazin’). There’s some­thing light and effer­ves­cent about part of this col­lec­tion of seem­ingly simple tracks—at the same time there is weight too. Post-vapor space­far­ing tunes.

Throw­back to ten years ago, the early days of Front & Fol­low: Elite Bar­bar­ian made a great col­lec­tion of dark rhythmic elec­tron­ics on It’s only when you get to the end that it all makes sense (2008). Wish I could’ve nabbed an ori­ginal copy with the patch.

Dark, min­imal techno with a drop of acid. Pol­ish pro­ject ERZH with Death Is A True Prophet (2018, FALK) Repet­it­ive, com­pel­ling. 38 minutes of dance­floor seduc­tion.

In deft fash­ion, Seas Of Grease moves from floaty space ambi­ent to watery noise, glitchy beats, and back again. This self-titled debut (2018) is the res­ult of a long gest­a­tion, and the vis­ion it presents is com­men­sur­ately coher­ent. More to come, I hope.

Goth­ing up our Sunday after­noon with Side­walks and Skel­et­ons’ debut This Is Your Escape from 2013. Clubby witch­house: bat­cave without the grime. Extra kudos for the Lycia-esque dark­wavey end­ing.

VGM Days - NES Days - Volume 1 (2018, Ghost Dia­mond)

Stel­lar selec­tion of tunes from, indeed, the NES days. Part of a lar­ger series of game music cur­ated by Ghost Dia­mond.

Hedda likes a lot of these tunes as well!

Geinō Yamashirogumi - Akira OST (1988)

Superb. This is what a soundtrack should be, and I keep return­ing to this one. Yamashirogumi weds tra­di­tional Japan­ese music and chants to the cyber­punk sens­ib­il­ity of the anime in a way that few would be able to.